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Open Evenings - Wednesday 12 November & Thursday 13 November 18:30 - 21:00
If possible use public transport. Please note that parking is very limited on site and around BHASVIC.
There is no need to book for Open Evenings.

Latest News and Information

Student Success - Visual Arts

17-09-14 Royal Academy of Arts Winner - BHASVIC student Adam Britnell
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Barcelona Trip

12-09-14 Photography students - inspired by Dali museum plus sights and sounds of Barcelona
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From BHASVIC to Beijing

1-09-14 Thirty-one lucky BHASVIC History students went on the trip of a lifetime to China.
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Cambridge success

1-09-14 Former student Dan Marshall contacted BHASVIC to let us know about his success at Cambridge
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BHASVIC beats own record with best ever result

14-08-14 Over 950 students sat A levels in June 2014 achieving a pass rate of 99% and with 60% of grades at A* to B.
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Success for Medics

14-08-14 Fifteen BHASVIC students have achieved the top grades required for their medical school places
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Key College Dates

15/09/2014Bus L3 Y2
19/09/2014Internal Oxbridge & Medics App Deadline
23/09/2014Meet the Tutor Parents Evening
25/09/2014Meet the Tutor Parents Evening
29/09/2014Hist (Mod) A2 deadline
30/09/2014Deadline for course change requests
30/09/2014Student Union Fresher's Party
01/10/2014Meet the Tutor Parents Evening
08/10/2014Fresher's & Enrichment Fair
09/10/2014Eng Lang A2 deadline
09/10/2014Cross College Council 15:30-16:30
09/10/2014Eng Lang A2 deadline
10/10/2014Eng L&L A2 deadline
13/10/2014Bus L3 Y1
15/10/2014Oxbridge & Medicine Official Deadline
17/10/2014H&SC L3 Y1 + Y2 deadline
20/10/2014H&SC A2 + AS deadline
20/10/2014Students complete Subject Review
20/10/2014Bus L3 Y2
24/10/2014Mod Hist A2 deadline
24/10/2014Autumn Term 1 Finishes
03/11/2014Autumn Term 2 starts
07/11/2014H&SC L3 Y1 deadline
10/11/2014Mod Hist A2 deadline
11/11/2014A1 students study leave
11/11/2014A1 Subject Reviews 1:1s A-K
12/11/2014Open Evenings
12/11/2014All students study leave
13/11/2014Open Evenings
13/11/2014All students study leave
14/11/2014A1 Subject reviews 1:1s L-Z
14/11/2014All students Study Leave
17/11/2014Student Applicant Interviews Start
20/11/2014Cross College Council Meeting 15:30-16:30
21/11/2014Subject Reviews published to parents (R1)
21/11/2014Internal UCAS Deadline
21/11/2014Film A2 deadline
24/11/2014Bus L3 Y1, Media A2
24/11/2014EM Hist A2 deadline
27/11/2014A1 Parents Evening A-K
28/11/2014Eng L&L A2, Film AS (4pm) deadline
01/12/2014Sci GCSE deadline
05/12/2014Comms AS deadline
05/12/2014Priority Applications Deadline
08/12/2014Mod Hist A2 deadline
08/12/2014Bus L3 Y2
12/12/2014Comms A2 deadline
15/12/2014Sci in Soc deadline
16/12/2014E4L Awards Evening
17/12/2014A Christmas Concert
17/12/2014Eng Lang AS deadline
18/12/2014No Lessons H Block today
18/12/2014Student Christmas Review
19/12/2014Arch A2, H&SC L3 Y2 & Y1 deadline
19/12/2014Lessons finish at lunchtime
19/12/2014Autumn Term 2 finishes
22/12/2014Christmas Holidays
25/12/2014Christmas Day - College closed
25/12/2014Bank Holiday - College closed
26/12/2014Boxing Day - College closed
26/12/2014Bank Holiday - College closed
27/12/2014College Clopsed
28/12/2014College Closed
29/12/2014College Closed
30/12/2014College Closed
31/12/2014College Closed
01/01/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
05/01/2015EM Hist A2 deadline
05/01/2015Spring Term 1 starts
07/01/2015Eng L&L A2 deadline
12/01/2015Bus L3 Y1
14/01/2015Eng Lit A2 deadline
15/01/2015UCAS Official Deadline
16/01/2015Film A2 deadline
19/01/2015Students complete
19/01/2015All Visual Arts AS
21/01/2015Biol A2 deadline
23/01/2015H&SC L3 Y2, Media A2 deadline
26/01/2015Biology Practicals, Bus L3 Y2, All Visual Arts A2
26/01/2015EM Hist A2 deadline
28/01/2015Careers Fair 11:00-14:00 Main Hall
30/01/2015Eng Lang A2, Media AS deadline
02/02/2015A2 Subject Reviews 1:1's A-K
02/02/2015Biol A2 Analysis
02/02/2015All Students Study Leave
03/02/2015A2 Subject Reviews 1:1's L-Z
03/02/2015All Students Study Leave
06/02/2015H&SC L3 Y1, Science GCSE deadline
06/02/2015Subject Reviews published to Parents [R2]
09/02/2015Drama AS
09/02/2015H&SC A2 & AS deadline
09/02/2015A1-A2 Transfer & 'Is uni for me?'
09/02/2015Fren / Germ / Span A2 & AS (give to teacher)
12/02/2015A2 Parents Evening (A-Z)
12/02/2015Cross College Council Meeting 15:30-16:30
13/02/2015Spring Term 1 finishes
13/02/2015Comms A2, Eng L&L AS, ICT A2 deadline
13/02/2015Film AS NOON Deadline
16/02/2015Spring Half Term