Welcome to Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College

We are currently experiencing technical problems with our absence telephone line and we are not able to take phone calls. If you wish to inform the college about a student absence could you please let us know via email outofcollege@bhasvic.ac.uk or via text message to 07624 802745

Latest News and Information

Football Champions

23-04-15 Our women’s and men’s football team won their finals yesterday at Lancing FC
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Medics Success at BHASVIC

23-04-15 19 students to date have successfully gained top places to study medicine
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Official opening of the new Copper Building at BHASVIC

22-04-15 Filmed by Latest TV
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Official opening of the Copper Building

17-04-15 Plaque unveiled to celebrate official opening of the Copper Building by Professor Dame Athene Donald, DBE FRS
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Chemistry Olympiads

16-04-15 Seven BHASVIC second year students have been awarded 'Chemistry Olympiad' certificates from the Royal Society of Chemistry
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BHASVIC’s new building is to be officially opened on 17 April

15-04-15 BHASVIC’s new building is to be officially opened on 17 April by Professor Dame Athene Donald, DBE FRS.
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Key College Dates

27/04/2015Bus L3 Y2, All Visual Art A2 & AS
30/04/2015Student Council Meeting 15:30-16:30
30/04/2015Specialist Application Evening
30/04/2015Higher Education Specialist
01/05/2015Humanities GCSE Assessment
01/05/2015Enrichment Booking Student Deadline
04/05/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
04/05/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
08/05/2015H&SC L3 Y2 & Y1 deadline
11/05/2015First GCE & GCSE Exams - June 2015 series
11/05/2015A1 Study Leave starts
15/05/2015H&SC L3 Y2 & Y1, iMedia L3 deadline
18/05/2015Bus L3 Y1
18/05/2015A2 Study Leave starts
22/05/2015Summer Term 1 finishes
25/05/2015HALF TERM
01/06/2015Summer Term 2 starts
08/06/2015A1 Students Return/Progression Day
09/06/2015Careers Enrichment Day
10/06/2015June Enrolment & Book Returns
10/06/2015Lessons start after lunch
15/06/2015A1 Student Surveys - Learner Voice
18/06/2015Student Council Meeting 15:30-16:30
24/06/2015Last GCE & GCSE exams - June 2015 series
24/06/2015Leaver's Event (from 14:00)
29/06/2015Moving On Day
29/06/2015Study Leave for all students
02/07/2015Year 10 Taster Day 1
03/07/2015Year 10 Taster Day 2
06/07/2015Year 10 Taster Day 3
07/07/2015Year 10 Taster Day 4
09/07/2015Enrichment - Take the Challenge Day
15/07/2015Lessons End at 12:50
15/07/2015Summer Term 2 Ends for Students (tbc)
15/07/2015SU Celebration Event 13:00
17/07/2015Summer Holidays till September
13/08/2015AS/A2 Exam Results 09:30 (SAB)
13/08/2015Post Results Student Guidance Service starts
20/08/2015GCSE Exam Results (SAB)
20/08/2015Post Results Advisory Service starts
31/08/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
31/08/2015Bank Holiday - College closed
01/09/2015A1 & A2 Enrolment (JAM)
01/09/2015Term 1 starts
02/09/2015A1 & A2 Enrolment (JAM)
03/09/2015A2 students start mini lessons
03/09/2015Student Help Desk Service starts (JAM)
04/09/2015A1 Students on Study Leave until Welcome Day (JAM)
04/09/2015A2 students - one-to-one appointments
10/09/2015A2 Students - one-too-one appointments
11/09/2015A2 students - one-to-one appointments
14/09/2015Welcome Day A1 students start (JAM)
15/09/2015A2 Students & A1 Student Orientation
15/09/2015Lessons commence after breaktime (JAM)
18/09/2015Internal Oxbridge & Medics
22/09/2015Meet the Tutor Parents Evening (JAM)
24/09/2015Meet the Tutor Parents Evening (JAM)
29/09/2015Student Union Fresher's Party - evening
30/09/2015Meet the Tutor Parents Evening (JAM)
01/10/2015Deadline for course change requests (JAM)
07/10/2015Fresher's & Enrichment Fair (JAM)
15/10/2015Oxbridge & Medicine Official Deadline (JAM)
23/10/2015Autumn Term 1 ends
26/10/2015Autumn Half Term
02/11/2015Students complete Subject Review
02/11/2015Autumn Term 2 starts
17/11/2015A1 Subject Reviews 1:1s A-K (JAM)
17/11/2015All students study leave (SAB)
18/11/2015All Students Study Leave (SAB)
18/11/2015Open Evening 1 (SAB)
19/11/2015All Students Study Leave (SAB)
19/11/2015Open Evening 2 (SAB)
20/11/2015A1 Subject Reviews 1:1s L-Z (JAM)
20/11/2015All Students Study Leave (SAB)
27/11/2015Internal UCAS Deadline (JAM)
27/11/2015Subject Reviews published to parents
03/12/2015A1 Parents Evening A-K
04/12/2015Priority Applications Deadline (JAM)
08/12/2015A1 Parents Evening L-Z (JAM)
14/12/2015E4L Awards Evening (SAB)
16/12/2015A Christmas Concert (SAB)
17/12/2015Student Christmas Revue between break and
17/12/2015No lessons H Block today (JAM)
18/12/2015Lessons finish at lunchtime (SAB)
18/12/2015Autumn Term 2 ends
21/12/2015Christmas Holiday
24/12/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
25/12/2015Christmas Day - Bank Holiday
25/12/2015Christmas Day - Bank Holiday
27/12/2015College Closed
28/12/2015Bank Holiday
28/12/2015Bank Holiday
29/12/2015Christmas Holiday
31/12/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
01/01/2016Bank Holiday
01/01/2016Bank Holiday
04/01/2016Spring Term 3 starts
12/02/2016Term 3 ends
15/02/2016Half Term
22/02/2016Term 4 starts