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BHASVIC Media & Performing Arts at the BYFF awards

22-09-15 BHASVIC Media & Performing Arts are proud to announce that an AS Media Studies Documentary “Obsessed & Confessed” by Emily Bergun, Saffia Creffield...
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Congratulations to BHASVIC student Archie Davis for his achievements as a middle distance athlete

21-09-15 On 7th September Archie represented England at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa
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A*- B grades jumped by 6% this year to 65.7%

2-09-15 Almost two in every three A level grades were at this extremely high level. So far we know of only two state schools or colleges did better than th...
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BHASVIC’s Breath-taking High Grade Exam Success

13-08-15 BHASVIC is celebrating yet another excellent year of AS and A level results this year with exceptionally high numbers of students achieving top gra...
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Confirming 2nd year courses for September 2015

12-08-15 Students who have continued all 4 AS courses during June and July, and are due to carry on with 3 A Level courses in September, must confirm their ...
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Cambridge Chemistry Challenge 2015

15-07-15 Between 10th and 19th of June, a total of nineteen BHASVIC AS Chemistry students took the prestigious “Cambridge Chemistry Challenge”
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Key College Dates

08/10/2015Eng Lang A2 deadline
09/10/2015Deadline for A1 Subject Change requests (JAM)
09/10/2015Eng L&L A2 deadline
15/10/2015Oxbridge & Medicine Official Deadline (JAM)
15/10/2015Oxbridge Admissions Test Deadline
19/10/2015Bus Cert L3Y2 deadline this week
20/10/2015Brighton & District Geographical Assn
23/10/2015Autumn Term 1 ends
26/10/2015Autumn Half Term
02/11/2015H&SC L3Y1, EM Hist A2, Mod Hist A2 deadlines
02/11/2015Perf. St. AS deadline this week
02/11/2015Students complete Subject Review
02/11/2015Autumn Term 2 starts
04/11/2015Brighton & District Geographical Association
04/11/2015Brighton & District Geographical Assn
09/11/2015H&SC A2 deadline
09/11/2015Bus Cert L3Y1 deadline this week
13/11/2015Ext Proj (EPQ) deadline
16/11/2015H&SC AS deadline
16/11/2015Bus Int Dip L3Y1, Bus Dip Y2 deadlines this week
17/11/2015A1 Subject Reviews 1:1s A-K (JAM)
17/11/2015All students study leave (SAB)
18/11/2015Open Evening 1 (SAB)
18/11/2015All Students Study Leave (SAB)
19/11/2015Open Evening 2 (SAB)
19/11/2015All Students Study Leave (SAB)
20/11/2015All Students Study Leave (SAB)
20/11/2015A1 Subject Reviews 1:1s L-Z (JAM)
20/11/2015H&SC AS deadline
23/11/2015Eng Lang A2 deadline this week
27/11/2015Subject Reviews published to parents
27/11/2015Internal UCAS Deadline (JAM)
27/11/2015Eng L&L A2, Film A2 & AS(4pm) deadlines
03/12/2015A1 Parents Evening A-K
04/12/2015Comms AS deadline
04/12/2015Priority Applications Deadline (JAM)
07/12/2015EM Hist, Mod Hist A2 deadlines
08/12/2015A1 Parents Evening L-Z (JAM)
11/12/2015Comms A2 deadline
14/12/2015H&SC L3Y1 deadline
14/12/2015E4L Awards Evening (SAB)
16/12/2015A Christmas Concert (SAB)
17/12/2015No lessons A Block today (JAM)
17/12/2015Student Christmas Revue between break and
17/12/2015Arch A2 deadline
18/12/2015Ext Proj (EPQ) deadline
18/12/2015Lessons finish at lunchtime (SAB)
18/12/2015Autumn Term 2 ends
21/12/2015Christmas Holiday
25/12/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
25/12/2015Christmas Day - Bank Holiday
25/12/2015Christmas Day - Bank Holiday
27/12/2015College Closed
28/12/2015Bank Holiday
29/12/2015Christmas Holiday
31/12/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
01/01/2016Bank Holiday
01/01/2016Bank Holiday
04/01/2016H&SC L3Y1 deadline
04/01/2016Spring Term 1 starts
06/01/2016Eng L&L deadline
11/01/2016Bus Cert L3Y2 deadline this week
13/01/2016Eng Lit A2 deadline
15/01/2016Film A2 deadline
15/01/2016UCAS Official Deadline (JAM)
18/01/2016Media A2 deadline x2
18/01/2016Students complete Subject Review Reflections
20/01/2016Biol A2 deadline
25/01/2016All Visual Arts A2 deadlines this week
25/01/2016Biol, Bus Cert & I.D. L3Y1 deadlines this week
27/01/2016Careers Fair 11:00-14:00 Main Hall
29/01/2016CMP Y1, Eng Lang A2, EPQ, Med AS deadlines
01/02/2016Biol A2, Bus Dip L3Y2, Dra A2 deadlines this week
03/02/2016All students study leave (JAM)
03/02/2016A2 Subject Reviews 1:1s A-K (JAM)
04/02/2016All students study leave (JAM)
04/02/2016A2 Subject Reviews 1:1's L-Z (JAM)
08/02/2016H&SC A2 and L3Y1 deadline
08/02/2016A1-A2 Transfer & 'is uni for me?'
08/02/2016All Visual Arts A Level (Y1) deadlines this week
08/02/2016Bus Dip, Dra AS, Perf. St. AS deadlines this week
09/02/2016Subject Reviews published to parents
11/02/2016A2 Parents Evening (A-Z) (JAM)
12/02/2016Comms A2 and AS, Film AS (Noon) deadlines
12/02/2016Spring Term 1 finishes
15/02/2016Spring Half Term
22/02/2016Spring Term 2 starts
22/02/2016A1-A2 Transfer launch for students (JAM)
22/02/2016Ext Proj (EPQ) Presentations start this week
26/02/2016Film A2 deadline
29/02/2016Music AS practical exams this week
04/03/2016Film A2 deadline
07/03/2016Students complete Subject Review Reflections
07/03/2016Drama AS deadline this week (tbc)
10/03/2016Eng Lang A Level Y1 deadline
10/03/2016A1-A2 Transfer Deadline for students (SAB)
14/03/2016Bus Dip deadline, Music A2 practicals this week
15/03/2016HE A1 Parents' Info Evening A-K (JAM)
16/03/2016H&SC L3Y1 deadline
18/03/2016Comms AS, Med AS deadline
21/03/2016Perf.St. AS deadline this week
22/03/2016HE A1 Parents' Info Evening L-Z (JAM)
23/03/2016Student Applicant Interviews finish (JAM)
23/03/2016Ext Proj (EPQ) final deadline
23/03/2016Subject Reviews published to parents
24/03/2016Comms A2, Comp A2, Eng GCSE, ICT A2 + AS deadlines
24/03/2016Spring Term 2 finishes
25/03/2016Good Friday - Bank Holiday
25/03/2016Good Friday - Bank Holiday
28/03/2016Easter Monday - Bank Holiday
28/03/2016Easter Monday - Bank Holiday
29/03/2016Easter Holiday
04/04/2016Easter Holiday
11/04/2016Bus Cert L3Y2, Bus Int. Dip. deadline this week
11/04/2016Summer Term 1 starts
11/04/2016Examination Timetables (tbc) (JHK)
11/04/2016Enrichment booking launch (SAB)
13/04/2016Oxbridge, Medics, Art Foundation & Apprentice
13/04/2016Oxbridge, Medics, Art Foundation &
15/04/2016Eng L&L deadline
18/04/2016Bus Cert L3Y1 deadline this week
25/04/2016Bus Dip L3Y2 deadline this week
26/04/2016iMedia L2 deadline
28/04/2016Specialist Application Evening
29/04/2016Enrichment booking student deadline
02/05/2016Bank Holiday
02/05/2016Bank Holiday
03/05/2016Dra AS, Vis Arts AL, A2, PF deadlines this week
16/05/2016A1 Study Leave starts (SAB)
16/05/2016Exams, 16.5.16 - 29.6.16
23/05/2016Perf. St. A2 deadline this week
23/05/2016A2 Study Leave starts (SAB)
23/05/2016H&SC L3Y1 deadline
27/05/2016Summer Term 1 finishes
30/05/2016Bank Holiday
30/05/2016Bank Holiday
31/05/2016Summer Half Term
06/06/2016Exams continue 16.5.16 - 29.6.16
06/06/2016H&SC L3Y1 deadline
06/06/2016Summer Term 2 starts
13/06/2016A1 Students return / Progression Day (JAM)
14/06/2016Careers Enrichment Day (SAB)
15/06/2016June Enrolment & Book Returns (JAM)
15/06/2016Lessons start after lunch (JAM)
17/06/2016CMP Y1 deadline
20/06/2016A1 Student Surveys - Learner Voice (SAB)
27/06/2016Study Leave for all students (JAM)
27/06/2016Moving On Day (JAM)
29/06/2016Final day of Exams (JKH - sp)
29/06/2016Leaver's Event from 14:00 (JAM)
30/06/2016Year 10 Taster Day 1 (JAM)
01/07/2016Year 10 Taster Day 2 (JAM)
04/07/2016Year 10 Taster Day 3 (JAM)
05/07/2016Year 10 Taster Day 4 (JAM)
13/07/2016Enrichment - Take the Challenge Day (SAB)
14/07/2016Summer Term 2 finishes for Students (SAB)
14/07/2016SU Celebration Event 12:00 (JAM)
14/07/2016Lessons end at 11:45 (SAB)
18/07/2016Summer Holiday
22/07/2016Brighton & Hove Schools break up
25/07/2016Summer Holiday
01/08/2016Summer Holiday
08/08/2016Summer Holiday
15/08/2016Summer Holiday
22/08/2016Summer Holiday
29/08/2016Bank Holiday
29/08/2016Bank Holiday
30/08/2016Summer Holiday
31/08/2016A1 Enrolment
31/08/2016Autumn Term 1 starts
02/09/2016A2 Enrolment
08/09/2016Timetable Day
21/10/2016Autumn Term 1 Ends
24/10/2016Half Term
31/10/2016Autumn Term 2 Starts
16/11/2016College Open Evenings
16/12/2016Autumn Term 2 Ends
19/12/2016College Holiday
26/12/2016Bank Holiday Christmas Day and Boxing Day
28/12/2016College Holiday
02/01/2017Bank Holiday - New Year's Day
03/01/2017Spring Term 3 Starts
10/02/2017Spring Term 3 Ends
13/02/2017Half Term
20/02/2017Spring Term 4 Starts
07/04/2017Spring Term 4 Ends
10/04/2017College Holiday
14/04/2017Bank Holiday - Good Friday
17/04/2017Bank Holiday - Easter Monday
18/04/2017College Holiday
24/04/2017Summer Term 5 Starts
01/05/2017Bank Holiday - May Day
26/05/2017Summer Term 5 Ends
29/05/2017Bank Holiday - Spring
30/05/2017Half Term
05/06/2017Summer Term 6 Starts
19/07/2017Summer Term 6 Ends
24/07/2017College Holiday
28/08/2017Bank Holiday - Summer
29/08/2017College Holiday