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Top marks for our Six British BHASVIC Biology Olympiads

25-03-15 Six BHASVIC Biology A level students received top awards for the British Biology Olympiad challenges held in March
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24-03-15 Are you unsure who to vote for in the General Election? Join in with the SU Democracy Week! Candidates, including Caroline Lucas, Peter Kyle and Cl...
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20-03-15 Students and staff gathered to view the eclipse from early morning
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Music Recitals

18-03-15 A Level Music Recitals in the Main Hall Wednesday 18 March at 7pm and Friday 20 March at 6:30. Free Entry.
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Former BHASVIC student joins Rambert Dance Company

11-03-15 Liam Francis studied A level Dance at BHASVIC. He had never studied contemporary dance before. He did his A level in one year and gained an A*
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Luciana Berger Shadow Minister for Public Health visits

5-03-15 Students interested in public health, mental health or working in politics took part in a lively Q & A session with Luciana Berger Shadow Minister ...
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Key College Dates

30/03/2015Easter Holidays till Monday 13 April 2015
03/04/2015Good Friday - College Closed
06/04/2015Easter Monday - College Closed
13/04/2015Examination Timetables
13/04/2015Enrichment Booking Launch
13/04/2015Summer Term 1 Starts
20/04/2015All Visual Art NCFE L2 & L3 deadline
24/04/2015iMedia L2 deadline
27/04/2015Bus L3 Y2, All Visual Art A2 & AS
30/04/2015Specialist Application Evening
30/04/2015Student Council Meeting 15:30-16:30
30/04/2015Higher Education Specialist
01/05/2015Enrichment Booking Student Deadline
01/05/2015Humanities GCSE Assessment
04/05/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
04/05/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
08/05/2015H&SC L3 Y2 & Y1 deadline
11/05/2015A1 Study Leave starts
11/05/2015First GCE & GCSE Exams - June 2015 series
15/05/2015H&SC L3 Y2 & Y1, iMedia L3 deadline
18/05/2015A2 Study Leave starts
18/05/2015Bus L3 Y1
22/05/2015Summer Term 1 finishes
25/05/2015HALF TERM
01/06/2015Summer Term 2 starts
08/06/2015A1 Students Return/Progression Day
09/06/2015Careers Enrichment Day
10/06/2015June Enrolment & Book Returns
10/06/2015Lessons start after lunch
15/06/2015A1 Student Surveys - Learner Voice
18/06/2015Student Council Meeting 15:30-16:30
24/06/2015Leaver's Event (from 14:00)
24/06/2015Last GCE & GCSE exams - June 2015 series
29/06/2015Study Leave for all students
29/06/2015Moving On Day
02/07/2015Year 10 Taster Day 1
03/07/2015Year 10 Taster Day 2
06/07/2015Year 10 Taster Day 3
07/07/2015Year 10 Taster Day 4
09/07/2015Enrichment - Take the Challenge Day
15/07/2015SU Celebration Event 13:00
15/07/2015Lessons End at 12:50
15/07/2015Summer Term 2 Ends for Students (tbc)
17/07/2015Summer Holidays till September
31/08/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
31/08/2015Bank Holiday - College closed
01/09/2015Term 1 starts
08/09/2015Timetable Day
09/09/2015Timetable Day
14/09/2015Welcome Day
23/10/2015Term 1 ends
26/10/2015Half Term
27/10/2015Half Term
28/10/2015Half Term
29/10/2015Half Term
30/10/2015Half Term
02/11/2015Term 2 starts
18/11/2015Open Evening 1
19/11/2015Open Evening 2
18/12/2015Term 2 ends
21/12/2015Christmas Holiday
25/12/2015Christmas Day - Bank Holiday
25/12/2015Christmas Day - Bank Holiday
28/12/2015Bank Holiday
28/12/2015Bank Holiday
29/12/2015Christmas Holiday
01/01/2016Bank Holiday
01/01/2016Bank Holiday
04/01/2016Term 3 starts
12/02/2016Term 3 ends
15/02/2016Half Term
22/02/2016Term 4 starts
24/03/2016Term 4 ends
25/03/2016Good Friday - Bank Holiday
25/03/2016Good Friday - Bank Holiday
28/03/2016Easter Monday - Bank Holiday
28/03/2016Easter Monday - Bank Holiday
29/03/2016Easter Holiday
04/04/2016Easter Holiday
11/04/2016Term 5 starts
02/05/2016Bank Holiday
02/05/2016Bank Holiday
27/05/2016Term 5 ends
30/05/2016Bank Holiday
30/05/2016Bank Holiday
31/05/2016Half Term
06/06/2016Term 6 starts
15/07/2016Term 6 ends
18/07/2016Summer Holiday
25/07/2016Summer Holiday
01/08/2016Summer Holiday
08/08/2016Summer Holiday
15/08/2016Summer Holiday
22/08/2016Summer Holiday
29/08/2016Bank Holiday
29/08/2016Bank Holiday
30/08/2016Summer Holiday
31/08/2016Term 1 starts