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From BHASVIC to Beijing

1-09-14 Thirty-one lucky BHASVIC History students went on the trip of a lifetime to China.
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BHASVIC beats own record with best ever result

14-08-14 Over 950 students sat A levels in June 2014 achieving a pass rate of 99% and with 60% of grades at A* to B.
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Success for Medics

14-08-14 Fifteen BHASVIC students have achieved the top grades required for their medical school places
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Chemistry in Forensics and Fingerprinting

13-08-14 During our annual Take the Challenge Day on 15th July, our students learnt about chemical fingerprinting techniques, as well as meeting with a fing...
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Media & Film students - National Award winners

23-07-14 BHASVIC Media & Film students have again been shortlisted for national awards in the WJEC Moving Image Awards.
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Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Success!

22-07-14 In June, thirteen of our AS chemistry students, looking for a further challenge after their AS exams, took part in the prestigious Cambridge Chemis...
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Key College Dates

01/09/2014A1 Enrolment
01/09/2014Autumn Term 1 starts
03/09/2014Help Desk Service Starts
03/09/2014A2 Enrolment
04/09/2014All students on Study Leave until next week
10/09/2014Welcome Day for new students
10/09/2014A2 students remain on Study Leave
11/09/2014A2 Students & A1 Student Timetables Tutorial
11/09/2014Lessons commence after breaktime
11/09/2014A2 students return to College am
15/09/2014Bus L3 Y2 deadline
19/09/2014Internal Oxbridge & Medics App Deadline
23/09/2014Meet the Tutor Parents Evening
25/09/2014Meet the Tutor Parents Evening
29/09/2014Mid Hist A2 deadline
30/09/2014Deadline for course change requests
30/09/2014Student Union Fresher's Party
01/10/2014Meet the Tutor Parents Evening
08/10/2014Fresher's & Enrichment Fair
09/10/2014Cross College Council 15:30-16:30
09/10/2014Eng Lang A2 deadline
09/10/2014Eng Lang A2 deadline
10/10/2014Eng L&L A2 deadline
13/10/2014Bus L3 Y1 deadline
15/10/2014Oxbridge & Medicine Official Deadline
17/10/2014H&SC L3 Y1 + Y2 deadline
20/10/2014Bus L3 Y2, H&SC A2 + AS deadline
20/10/2014Students complete Subject Review
24/10/2014Autumn Term 1 Finishes
24/10/2014Mod Hist A2 deadline
03/11/2014Autumn Term 2 starts
07/11/2014H&SC L3 Y1 deadline
10/11/2014Mod Hist A2 deadline
11/11/2014A1 Subject Reviews 1:1s A-K
11/11/2014A1 students study leave
12/11/2014Open Evenings
12/11/2014All students study leave
13/11/2014Open Evenings
13/11/2014All students study leave
14/11/2014A1 Subject reviews 1:1s L-Z
14/11/2014All students Study Leave
17/11/2014Student Applicant Interviews Start
20/11/2014Cross College Council Meeting 15:30-16:30
21/11/2014Internal UCAS Deadline
21/11/2014Film A2 deadline
21/11/2014Subject Reviews published to parents (R1)
24/11/2014Bus L3 Y1, EM Hist A2, Media A2 deadline
27/11/2014A1 Parents Evening A-K
28/11/2014Eng L&L A2, Film AS (4pm) deadline
01/12/2014Sci GCSE deadline
04/12/2014Comms AS deadline
05/12/2014Priority Applications Deadline
08/12/2014Bus L3 Y2, Mod Hist A2 deadline
12/12/2014Comms A2 deadline
15/12/2014Sci in Soc deadline
16/12/2014E4L Awards Evening
17/12/2014A Christmas Concert
17/12/2014Eng Lang AS deadline
18/12/2014No Lessons H Block today
18/12/2014Student Christmas Review
19/12/2014Autumn Term 2 finishes
19/12/2014Arch A2, H&SC L3 Y1, H&SC L3 Y2 deadline
19/12/2014Lessons finish at lunchtime
22/12/2014Christmas Holidays
25/12/2014Christmas Day - College closed
25/12/2014Bank Holiday - College closed
26/12/2014Boxing Day - College closed
26/12/2014Bank Holiday - College closed
27/12/2014College Clopsed
28/12/2014College Closed
29/12/2014College Closed
30/12/2014College Closed
31/12/2014College Closed
01/01/2015Bank Holiday - College Closed
05/01/2015EM Hist A2 deadline
05/01/2015Spring Term 1 starts
07/01/2015Eng L&L A2 deadline
12/01/2015Bus L3 Y1 deadline
14/01/2015Eng Lit A2 deadline
15/01/2015UCAS Official Deadline
16/01/2015Film A2 deadline
19/01/2015Students complete
19/01/2015All Visual Arts AS this week
21/01/2015Biol A2 deadline
23/01/2015H&SC L3 Y2, Media A2 deadline
26/01/2015Biology Practicals this week
26/01/2015All Visual Arts A2 this week - deadline
26/01/2015Bus L3 Y2, EM Hist A2 deadline
28/01/2015Careers Fair 11:00-14:00 Main Hall
30/01/2015Eng Lang A2, Media AS deadline
02/02/2015Biol A2 Analysis
02/02/2015All Students Study Leave
02/02/2015A2 Subject Reviews 1:1's A-K
03/02/2015All Students Study Leave
03/02/2015A2 Subject Reviews 1:1's L-Z
06/02/2015Subject Reviews published to Parents [R2]
09/02/2015A1-A2 Transfer & 'Is uni for me?'
12/02/2015Cross College Council Meeting 15:30-16:30
12/02/2015A2 Parents Evening (A-Z)