BHASVIC students celebrate their results

New Student Guide

Dear new student,

We are delighted that you have enrolled at BHASVIC. Today, your journey to an incredibly exciting, challenging, and eventful new phase of your life begins, where you will make lifelong friends, learn new and impressive skills, and take on novel experiences. Your decision to study at a college where the students are some of the most successful in the country will help you achieve your ambitions. 

Alongside outstanding teaching and learning BHASVIC will give you the chance to access a variety of opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom. We have a fantastic range of student-led clubs and societies, an active Student Union and Student Ambassador group, highly successful sports teams, music, dance and drama productions, DofE and more. As a college we are national leaders in sustainability and provide opportunities for all students to learn more and engage in this crucial issue. Our College of Sanctuary status represents our commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive place for all members of our wider community, and we regularly take opportunities to celebrate the diversity of our students and staff. We encourage you to explore new interests and experiences whilst studying with us and hope your first few weeks build a foundation for an enriching and exciting time with us.

This guide below helps you to understand the next couple of weeks, make sure you read it carefully. We look forward to seeing you again on Welcome Day - Monday 11 September, information on Welcome Day can be found at the back of this guide.

Yours faithfully,

James Barton
Communications Manager

BHASVIC students talking outside

My courses & timetable

At enrolment you should have confirmed the courses you are going to study whilst at BHASVIC.

Please be aware that these could be subject to change and any requests you have made to change subject cannot be guaranteed until you receive your timetable on Welcome Day. 

What should I do if I have a problem with any course I have enrolled on? 

Please contact Admissions by emailing or telephoning 01273 859 810 as soon as possible. Places on individual courses are extremely limited, so the sooner we know about your concerns, the better. 

So that we can accommodate a wide range of subject combinations and make full use of our classrooms, we operate a ‘seven block’ timetable. This means that every student will have several hours of trapped time across the week, which are called ‘study periods,’ each day between lessons. Due to the way college timetables work, these are unavoidable, and we ask you to be prepared for a different study pattern than you have had at secondary school. 

Depending on when these ‘study periods’ occur, students may choose how best to use this time. Teachers and tutors will encourage you to use much of this time for independent study. However, you are also able to spend some of this time socialising and participating in teams, enrichment, clubs, and societies. 

Please make sure that any paid employment, appointments, or holidays do not prevent you from attending every lesson and other College commitments. If you have any concerns about this, please speak to your Personal Tutor at the first opportunity. BHASVIC advises a maximum of 10-12 hours per week of part time employment, avoiding late night work during weekdays. Part-time work can be excellent for your time management, maturity and of course your independence. 

A BHASVIC teacher speaks to students

Starting With Confidence Work

These tasks are designed to help you prepare to start your courses with confidence, knowing you are on the right course and having kept your study skills, your mind, and your interest warm over the summer.

You should have completed the first 6 hours of work for each of your chosen courses. You should now move on to the last 4 hours of work.

Accessing Starting with Confidence work:

  • Go to the BHASVLE login page.
  • Sign in with the BHASVIC Microsoft 365 button (enter your username and password if asked).
  • Your BHASVIC account details were sent to the personal email address you gave on your application form (also check your SPAM folder).

I have changed course, or am on a waiting list – what work should I do?

If you requested a new course at Enrolment, you should begin the Starting with Confidence work for that course. Do as much as you can but do not worry if you cannot complete all of it in the time.

If you requested a course but do not know if you will be able to gain a space, or you do not know which of two courses you may end up having on your timetable, then focus your time on the course you most wish to study or the course you are most likely to have a place upon. If you are not sure, then do a little work from both courses – but do not try to complete the Starting with Confidence work for four or more courses in their entirety – this would not be a reasonable amount of work for you to expect of yourself.

If you start a course and you had not completed all the Starting with Confidence work due to uncertainty about which course would be on your timetable, let your teacher know – they will understand.

You access BHASVLE from our website – go to ‘STUDENTS’ and on the student dashboard you will see the icon for BHASVLE. You use your BHASVIC account (the one for your BHASVIC email) to login to BHASVLE.

If you are experiencing any problems logging in to your BHASVIC email account or BHASVLE, you can contact

Digital Induction Course

Before you start at BHASVIC on Welcome Day, you need to complete the Digital Induction course. This course will introduce you to all the key digital tools you will use in your learning.

What you must do:

  1. Login to BHASVLE (via the Student Dashboard or myBHASVIC) and open Digital Induction 2023.
  2. Read the instructions then click on the first section: ‘Your digital identity.’ Work your way through the section. Once you have completed each section a green tick symbol will appear on it.
  3. Once you complete all the sections, you will be awarded the Digital Induction Completer badge. You need to achieve this before you start on Welcome Day.

Welcome Day provides an opportunity to meet other students in your tutor group, meet staff and break the ice on studying on the college campus. Details of your tutor group, start time and locations for the day will be available in myBHASVIC from the afternoon of Friday 8 September.  

Normal timetable will start after lunch and so many of you will have one or two lessons; while some of you will not have a lesson in the afternoon. Your Welcome Day will finish, therefore, either around midday, at 14.00 or at 15.45, depending on your timetable. You will be told how to access your timetable in the morning of Welcome Day, as well as an explanation of how it all works. 

How do I find out where to go and when for Welcome Day?  

To know where and when to go on this day, please follow these steps:  

  1. Your start time and location will be in myBHASVIC  

  1. Either open the myBHASVIC app on your device or go to the Students page of the BHASVIC website and use the myBHASVIC icon to open the myBHASVIC web portal 

  1. Open the Welcome Day tile and find your name in the list. 

The whole welcome session will last for most of the morning. You may choose to bring a packed lunch, buy some lunch at the College, or use popular outlets around the local area. The Student Union will be available to support new students and Information Points will be located around the campus for any questions about your courses, financial support or other support needs.

What to do when you arrive in the morning:   

Go to the location indicated in myBHASVIC where you will be welcomed by a member of staff. Avoid arriving late as you will miss vital information, but if this is unavoidable, please still go straight to the room listed in myBHASVIC and join your group. 

You can use the college map in myBHASVIC or on our website in the Contact Us page – look for the link in the ‘How to find us’ section towards the bottom of that webpage. The map will help you navigate your way around the campus. You can also use the Map Totems in outside areas and wall signs inside buildings and there will be plenty of people around to give directions. 

All BHASVIC students use the myBHASVIC app to access all our learning platforms and to keep up to date with college life, news and events. Download the myBHASVIC app now from your usual app store. You can also access the app on your laptop. Log in to myBHASVIC using your BHASVIC username (your email address) and password.

The student dashboard contains BHASVIC’s student tools and support services. Familiarise yourself with this dashboard – save the link to your favourites/shortcuts too. You will be using it a lot over the next two years. 

All BHASVIC students need to be able to access their learning materials online, both at home and in college. We recommend that students have their own laptop which they bring with them to college. A smartphone will give you access to many of the college apps but is not suitable for working on documents in class or independent study. 

You can take advantage of the Dell Student Advantage scheme as a BHASVIC student to get a discount code for up to 20% off a Dell device. Details of this scheme are included in the Digital Induction. 

All modern mobiles, tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops will be compatible with the systems we use at BHASVIC. However, for the best experience, we recommend a modern Windows 10 or 11 laptop. You can access the college’s Microsoft 365 services on any device connected to the internet or through mobile apps available from the Android or iOS app stores. As a BHASVIC student, you can download the Office 365 Pro Plus package free on to up to 5 devices that you own, for the duration of your course. This package comprises: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive. You can install this on your laptop or smart device. If you are a Visual Arts student, you will be able to download Adobe Creative Cloud onto your own machine – you will be shown how in your lessons. 

We recognise that not all our students will have access to a laptop or device, so we have desktop PCs in the library for students to use for independent study. If you do not own a laptop that you can bring into college then a limited number of laptops can be loaned on a short-term basis from the self-service lockers in the Elms Building. We have a bursary scheme to provide financial assistance to eligible students who would not otherwise be able to access learning. We can also loan a laptop to bursary students for the duration of their course. To find out whether you are eligible to apply for a bursary, contact

To use the Wi-Fi at the college you will need to on-board your device. You can do this ahead of coming on-site for the first time from the comfort of your own home. The instructions are included in the Digital Induction.