Thank you for booking onto the BHASVIC Open Event. 

Please check your email for your booking confirmation. We have also included in the email a PDF attachment of the map, room list and top tips. 

Please don’t worry if you haven’t receive a confirmation email, if you are seeing this page YOU ARE BOOKED ONTO THE OPEN EVENT SYSTEM. All the information you need for the event is on this page. Please bookmark for your reference.

Link to map and room list

Please, wherever possible, travel to our event by public transport. There is no parking onsite and parking on the streets near the college is extremely difficult. There are public car parks in the city within 10-15 minutes walks.

Top Tips for Your Open Event Visit 

Before your visit 

  1. Check your phone is charged and you can look at the map.
  2. Think about which subject you want to visit first and work out where that is, using the map Link to map and room list
  3. If you want advice first, work out where General Enquiries and Admissions is located – we'd love to meet you and help you out.
  4. Make sure you plan your course and subject visits in order, from the most important to the least likely.
  5. Don't forget you can go wherever you want, and you may see something of interest and simply pop in and take a look.
  6. Talk with your parent / carer about the questions you want answered and think about who and where to ask these.
  7. Bring face coverings, unless you are exempt.


  1. You can enter BHASVIC from many directions – look at the map.
  2. Try not to queue to enter – pick an alternative entrance if the one you have gone to is busy (for example the front door).
  3. You can go straight to your first subject, if you want.
  4. If you'd like a welcome and someone to help you orient yourself, then head for the Copper Cafe – General Enquiries.
  5. Look at the timings of the Principal's Talk – plan which one you want to go to – we encourage you to come to one of these.

Visiting a Course and Department 

  1. Talk to the BHASVIC students – they will give you an 'on-the-ground' sense of what the course covers, what the resources are like and the pacing and content of the course.
  2. Try not to visit too many subjects – this can be a little overwhelming.
  3. Take a refreshment break between subjects – we have a canteen with hot food, biscuits and free hot drinks.
  4. If a subject is very crowded, come back later – this will help you talk to a teacher.
  5. If you don't get to talk to a teacher, look out for sign-up lists to write questions and your email address.