08th May 2018

BHASVIC Chemistry Society medicinal chemistry project

This year our ChemSoc students took part in a research project looking into the extraction of medicines from plants. They carried out an extraction of salicylin from willow bark (used to manufacture aspirin) and the samples were analysed by RLC lab using HPLC analysis. The students then analysed the results sent back to us to calculate the concentration (in % w/w) of salicylin in their samples in a similar manner to how many pharmaceutical preparations are made. In addition, the analytical process used was significantly beyond A level in its complexity. As such, this was a valuable insight into how pharmaceutical research is carried out starting from an idea using a naturally available substance, through to extracting the compound in the lab and analysing the sample,  prior to its use in the manufacture of a familiar pharmaceutical drug. This will be valuable experience for those taking part who may be interested in pursuing medicine, pharmacy or medicinal chemistry as a career. This is just one of a range of similar research projects we are undertaking as part of our enrichment offer in Chemistry Society. We aim to use the projects as experience to enable students to enhance their university applications and employability after their time at College.  RLC lab website: