04th May 2018

Chemistry Olympiad Success

This year over 45 students from BHASVIC sat the prestigious Chemistry Olympiad Round One paper in January. This breaks all our previous records as it is well over double the amount who took it last year, and also for the first time our Year One students were entered. Our participants achieved 20 certificates including 8 silver and 12 bronze awards. Participation in this competition, irrespective of the final outcome, is seen by Universities and employers alike as recognition by the student of the value of resilience and a readiness to take on a challenge. Therefore, those who take part immediately increase their value and interest to admissions tutors across the UK and beyond during the application process in September. Needless to say, the additional level of challenge and deduction the questions present has a direct positive impact on confidence and exam technique when it comes to students’ own A level performances. A warm and hearty “congratulations” to all who entered!

To find out more see: Chemistry Olympiad website

The photo below features some of our 45 certificate winners with BHASVIC Principal William Baldwin.