BHASVIC Environmental & Sustainability Policy


BHASVIC ECO Action Plan 2017 / 2018

On 11 February 2016 BHASVIC was awarded 'Green Flag' status for continued excellence in improving it's environmental performance.

We at BHASVIC are aware that keeping our students hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout the College day. As a result, we decided to invest in watercoolers from AquAid. Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our College the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Our decision to install some water cooler from AquAid means that for each machine that we have, we have donated £20 per year per cooler to The Africa Trust. Through our contributions to The Africa Trust, we have had three ‘Elephant Pumps’ installed in Africa on our behalf. These pumps bring much needed, clean, fresh drinking water and improve the quality of life of those who will have access to the wells. Our College name is displayed proudly on the wells and we have received letters of thanks and the photos below from the villages.

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