Moving On To BHASVIC - Thursday 30 June 2022

Student Guide PDF and Campus Map

Headlines: Your welcome session starts at 09.00am. Please arrive by 08.45 to give yourself time to find your room.

Please check emails for account information, including SPAM folders.

Dear New BHASVIC Students, Parents and Carers,

We are delighted that you have accepted your place at BHASVIC and we look forward to you joining us in September.

This email covers a number of useful and important topics about your transition to BHASVIC over the coming months, ready for September. There are a couple of actions to take for you and your parent or carer, as well.

This message is addressed to our new students but we ask that parents and carers also read this and check-in with your young person that they have understand and accessed their new BHASVIC student account.

What’s in this communication?

  1. What is Moving On Day?
  2. Tasks we need you and your parent or carer to complete
  3. What other communications from BHASVIC should you be looking out for?
  4. Reminders and useful information

1.     What is Moving On Day?

An important part of your induction into the college, this event will help you feel confident in your subject choices and readiness for your higher level of study in September, as well as giving you the opportunity to meet other new students and staff and begin to feel part of the BHASVIC community.

Absence from Moving On Day - If you are unable to attend Moving On Day for genuine reasons please do not panic. If you still wish to enrol at BHASVIC, please make sure that you have told Admissions that you cannot attend by email (not voicemail) as soon as possible. We need this in writing from you otherwise we will withdraw your place. Once you have informed Admissions, they will support you with access to your Starting With Confidence study packs for your course.

Arrangements for the day - On the day, please arrive from 08:30 and bring a pen and notepad with you. You need to be with your tutor group by 09:00. The day will finish at 14:30.

Where do I go? We have already emailed you to let you know the BHASVIC room you need to go to for your Welcome session at 09:00, along with your log in for your BHASVIC IT account. This was sent to the student’s personal email address given on the application form. Please check it has been received.

What happens first? At your Welcome session, you will be given your timetable for the day. Please follow your timetable as no changes can be made to your lessons on the day. It is important that you arrive on time for your Welcome session, so we recommend arriving no later than 08.45 to give yourself a bit of time to find your room – we will have students and staff on hand to help you find your way. A map can be found on the Contact Us page of our website to help you find your way. You will get to know your way around BHASVIC very quickly in September, trust me – it might seem like a big place at first but it isn’t really!

Food and Drink - The college’s canteen and café will be open throughout the day, where hot and cold meals, drinks and snacks are available. Cash is quicker and easier, but we will also accept card and contactless payments. You are welcome to bring a packed lunch with you to eat in our social areas or outside.

Advice and Support - At Moving On Day, there will be a large team of experienced managers available at all times to give you advice on anything you might need. Often our students wish to discuss their course choices or request a change – this is fine, come to the Help Desk and we’ll talk with you about that. We are also able to give advice about financial support, travel advice and take payments for deposit or course charges. Our support teams will also be available to discuss any other topics, personal circumstances, questions or support you may need.

2.     Tasks we need you and your parent or carer to complete

New Student Survey – If you haven’t done so already, please follow the link and complete this important survey by 16:00 on Friday 24 June. We ask that, if possible, you complete this with your parent/carer as you may need help in answering some of these important questions. The purpose of this survey is to help us identify what support and opportunities you may benefit from whilst studying with us.

New Parents and Carers Evening: 12th July – further details will follow soon. We have a Parents and Carers Dashboard full of helpful resources, please also see the latest Parents' & Carers' News Spring 2022.

3.     What other communications from BHASVIC should I be looking out for?

We will communicate to parents/carers via email addresses you provided at application. Once we have set up the BHASVIC student account details (see 1 directly below) we will use those from that point forward to communicate with our new students. Please keep checking all these inbox and SPAM folders (frequently your email service provider will think the college is spamming you). Look out for the following from us:

  1. You should have already received your BHASVIC student account details (your login for BHASVIC systems and your new Student Email Address and the room you need to go to at the start of Moving on Day). This was sent to your personal email address provided at application.
  2. Instructions on how to upload your BHAVIC college student photograph, used for your ID badge and the college information systems. This is waiting for you in your new BHASVIC Student Email Account.
  3. Your enrolment appointment date and time (see details below). This will be sent to your BHASVIC Student Email.

4.     Reminders and useful information

My timetable in September – Please be aware that all groups for Moving On Day are temporary and these will not be your permanent classes when you start at BHASVIC in September. We generate your first year (called A1 year) timetables once we have enrolled everyone at the end of August. You receive your final timetable about a week or so after enrolment and just before you start lessons in September. Your Timetable will have the times, rooms and teachers/tutor for your Tutor Group (often called ‘Form’ at school); all your subject classes and any other timetabled activity you will be involved in.

Term Dates and enrolment days – Term Dates and parent-friendly calendars are on our website > follow the Parents and Carers tab at the top and look for the Calendars icon.

Enrolment – our enrolment days for new students are on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 August. Your enrolment interview appointment will be on one of these days and must be attended in person. We will email the appointment time and date to your BHASVIC Student Email. These will be sent in July/August. Your enrolment session will last approximately 30 to 90 minutes. If you are unable to attend enrolment appointment on either of these days, please email as soon as possible to let us know.

Refundable Deposit and Postage Charge (£60) and Course Charges

Please note that the refundable deposit (£50) and Postage Charge for exam certificates (£10) and all Course Charges must be paid at, or prior to, enrolment. Charges webpage.

Some courses incur charges that contribute to the cost of consumable materials or trips which are integral to the course. To check whether any of your chosen courses attract a charge, please see our website under Payments & Donations for full information. We accept payments for course fees by Direct Debit, Parent Pay, credit / debit cards (Link to download a Direct Debit form).

If you would like to ask about Financial Support, please see Student Services on Moving on Day - full information can also be found on our Support Services page.

Admissions FAQs - there are two important pages on our website for all admissions-related information –

the Admissions Page and the FAQs page > Admissions accordion.

Latest News and social media links - Look at BHASVIC’s Latest News on the front page of our website – it is a great place to see a little sample of just some of the amazing things our students get up to here and some of the opportunities awaiting you. The range of enrichment activities and community activity our students get involved with can give you a little insight into the wider BHASVIC world of experience – it certainly isn’t all just exams and coursework here!

Do also follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook if you would like to keep up-to-date over the summer. We have a BHASVIC TV channel on YouTube which gives you a really nice, student-friendly taste of lots of different aspects of our provision.

Sports Trials - If you would like to be a part of our successful sports teams at BHASVIC, we will be running sports trials at 14:45 in the Sports building. Men's Football, Women's Football Academy and Men's Basketball will all hold trials. If you would like to attend, please ensure you bring full practical kit. Trials are likely to last around 90 minutes and will give you an opportunity to meet the coaches. 
Trials for Netball, Rugby and other sports will be held in September.

If you are interested in trialling for the Women's Football Academy, you need to ensure you register your interest. Please email stating your outside club, school, and preferred position. 
If you are interested in trialling for the Netball team in September, please can you email stating your outside club, school, and preferred position.

Please be aware for all other sports teams, you do not have to register to attend. If you have any questions regarding the trials, please contact who will be able to support you.

Enrichment - Please see the Enrichment page of our website for further details about the wide array of additional opportunities and experiences you can participate in once you start at BHASVIC.

And finally… our staff and teachers are really looking forward to meeting you again at Moving On Day and will all be here to help you feel positive and prepared for your next exciting steps towards your future and your very well-earned summer holidays. We look forward to meeting you at Moving on Day. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact

Kind regards,

James Moncrieff,

Deputy Principal