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Getting your results and any help you need 

A Level Results Day - Thursday 18th August 2022 

GCSE Results Day - Thursday 25th August 2022  

An email has been sent to all students/parents and carers detailing what to expect on results days, please also check FAQs .  

A Level, BTEC and GCSE Results: will be on Student Advantage from 8am and a Statement of Results will posted to your home address.

Exam Certificates: When received from the Exam Boards, we will send home via signed for postage.

Home Address: Please make sure we have your current address on our system.

Please check for results on Student Advantage from 08:00am. They will also be posted first class on Results Day. We ask that students do not come onsite unless they have been given a specific appointment with one of our advisers.


Exam Results Services

Go to this page to request copies of scripts, reviews of marking, exam resits, etc.


BHASVIC Results Day Careers Support Resources - includes BHASVIC Clearing/Apprenticeship and Careers Guides

Your exam results will be available from your Student Advantage account from 08.00. 

Paper copies of your exam results will be posted, first class, to your home address on Results Day afternoon. 

All Advice and Support Services will be virtual. The online Results Day Help Desk will become available from 08.00 on Results Day. A small team will be picking up queries from 08.00 and the full team will be responding and making contacting from 09.00. 

All Help Desk Queries will require your BHASVIC Student E-mail account details. 

Please make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone and ideally also have mobile data coverage. Services will be running until the end of August, including advice for: 

  • University and Higher Education places 
  • Applications for further education, employment and apprenticeships 
  • Other issues/Enquiries after Results (EAR) 

The main focus of this service is to support students who have not passed exams or who need support with university or other HE, FE, apprenticeship places or employment. 

Please be aware that teachers are on annual leave until 1 September. Therefore, there may be limited information until then about an individual’s on-course progress compared to exam results, or advice from subject teachers on decisions made by exam results services. However, the college will be able to provide general advice on all these matters, as well as offering the specialist services detailed in the Exam Results Services link below. 

Exam Board Rules and Regulations for all candidates from JCQ

  1. Information for candidates - WRITTEN EXAMS
  2. Information for candidates - coursework
  3. Information for candidates - social media
  4. Information for candidates - non-examination assessments
  5. Information for candidates - onscreen tests
  6. Information for candidates - privacy notice
  7. Plagiarism in Examinations
  8. Centre-Assessed Marks Appeals Procedures (for NEAs)
  9. Notes for overnight supervision of candidates with a timetable variation


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