BHASVIC students celebrate their results

Exam Information 

Results Days 

Exam Results Release 

  • Thursday 17th August 2023, 08:00am - A/AS levels, BTEC, Criminology & EPQ Results Day
  • Thursday 24th August 2023, 08:00am - GCSE Results Day 

Find your results in Student Advantage via MyBHASVIC  (link on the Student Dashboard) 

BHASVIC Post-Results Services
The college’s services are divided into 4 areas, to enable us to help you swiftly and effectively. Please make sure you use the right service.

A. Exam Services – this is where you go to request:

    1. A breakdown of individual marks for each exam paper in an A Level
    2. A copy of your exam script for one or more of your exam papers
    3. A review of the marks you have been awarded for an exam paper
    4. To resit one or more A Levels in summer 2024

Please read our Student Guide to Exam Services where you will find links to submit all the above requests

B. Where to get advice and support – Please note that our Virtual Help Desk is now closed. Please use the following emails to get help:

    1. New students coming to BHASVIC this year – please contact
    2. UCAS applications, Careers, Further Education, Employment, Apprenticeships –
    3. A query about your academic experience at
    4. GCSE Maths and English Retake Results (only for students who have already studied at BHASVIC for a year or more) –
    5. BTEC Exam

C. Accessing Your Results (IT Account Support) – information on how to access your results or how to get help with your BHASVIC IT accounts appears further down this page

D. Special Consideration FAQs – please see the section further down on this page

E. Further Support and Information – all other support information and links appear further down on this page

Accessing your results online and account troubleshooting

  • Check for results in Student Advantage via MyBHASVIC (look for the link on the Student Dashboard)
  • If students are unable to access myBHASVIC, please contact the IT Team:
  • In the unlikely event that students experience any issues when they have logged into Student Advantage, please contact the CIS Team at the email address: 

Special Consideration frequently asked questions

Did the exam board accept my Special Consideration request? Yes, all requests we submitted on behalf of our students to the Exam Boards have been acknowledged and accepted by them. Please see below regarding Special Consideration if you missed on or more of your exam papers.

What adjustment did the exam board make? Exam Boards do not provide this information to you or to the college.

In hindsight, I realise I was disadvantaged when I took an exam but did not apply for Special Consideration. Can this now be considered by the exam board as part of a review of my grade? Special Consideration applications are no longer possible, and your only recourse is to either accept the grade you have or retake the A Level. Reviews of grades are only relevant where you think your paper may have been incorrectly marked by the examiner.

I was absent from one or more of my exam papers and do not understand how this has affected my grade, please can I receive some advice? The best way to access this is to submit a Results Day Help Desk query and one of our staff will contact you.

Further Support and Information

If you would like to resit your Maths or English GCSE and you are not on the course you need to complete this online form, the deadline for resitting Maths or English GCSE is 26th September.

English Resit form:

Maths Resit form:

If you would like to resit a BTEC unit in the January 2024 series, you would need to complete this online form, the deadline for this is 4th October.

BTEC Resit form:

If you would like to take a Modern foreign language which isn’t taught at BHASVIC please complete this form.  The deadline for this is 15th December.

MFL form:

General Post-Results Advice

  • Ofqual Student Guide 2023 – a Student Guide to this summer's final AS Level, A Level and GCSE exams. 
  • Ofqual Student Letter – about grades and results
  • Talking to my teacher – Please be aware that teachers are on annual leave until 4 September. Therefore, there may be limited information until then about an individual’s on-course progress compared to exam results, or advice from subject teachers on decisions made by exam results services. However, the college will be able to provide general advice on all these matters, as well as offering the specialist services detailed above, via the appropriate service.



Wellbeing Resources

Ex-BHASVIC Students, Alumni, References and UCAS


BHASVIC Exam Results

You can find the most recent and historic exam results at BHASVIC in Reports.