Student Union

The Student Union - Make your voice heard

The Student Union is an executive body of 16 students responsible for ensuring that every student’s voice is heard.

You can contact your Student Union about any issues in their dedicated office in the Refectory, or via social media.

The Student Union is responsible for organising a number of social events and parties, from Freshers' Week in September to the Leavers’ Event in summer.

The Student Union also speak to students on important issues and lobby for changes that will benefit the student body as a whole. Recently the Union has made changes to Teacher Cover policy, fed into discussions on how to improve the Learner Voice process and represented students on a range of committees.

Students can get involved in the Union by standing in the March election.

Annapurna Marley


Christian Williams


Bo-Min Ryu

Governor and Liaison Officer

Tanzim Islam

Charities Officer

Laia Harman

Charities Officer

Chloe Ainsworth

Communications Officer

Isha Bailhache

Communications Officer

Lizzie Cairns

Enrichment Officer

Mariana Wickramarachchi

Enrichment Officer

Alessandro Nashat Mettry

Entertainment Officer

Meg Ward

Entertainment Officer

Alexander MacAdam

Environments Officer

Tom MacAdam

Equality and Diversity Officer

Oli Shaw


Karl Gill

Student Union Coordinator