A Contemporary Centre for Excellence

The College

Situated in the creative hub of Brighton and Hove, we encourage innovation and collaboration across a wide variety of qualifications. With creative approaches to engaging our students and a team of talented staff who aren’t afraid to do things differently, we prepare our students to exceed goals and meet their full potential.

Our students are encouraged and supported in developing a genuine love for their courses, and for the learning process itself. This stage of study allows you to explore your passions with a depth that’s both fascinating and challenging, and our learners graduate feeling like true experts in their chosen courses.

We prize our students’ individuality, and offer an accepting and inclusive atmosphere in which self-expression can flourish. Our students also find regular opportunities to engage with the wider community, using their drive and talent to make a difference.

With our roots in traditional academic excellence, we make your future our priority.

Why Sixth Form College?

If you’ve decided to continue your study after school, you may be wondering whether a school sixth form, a sixth form college, or an FE college would be best suited to your needs.

We believe that sixth form college is an ideal combination of structure and space, allowing students to find their own paths while providing the support they need to thrive.

Sixth form colleges are dedicated to providing the best post-16 academic provision in the UK, and have a reputation for inspiring and nurturing a love of learning and academic excellence.

Responsible for over one fifth of the A levels delivered in England each year, sixth form colleges help their students achieve better exam results than all other non‑selective providers. Students educated at a sixth form college achieve a higher A level point score per entry than school sixth forms.

By attending a sixth form college, you will be taught and supported by a team of specialists focussed entirely on your age group. You will have access to excellent pastoral care and resources to help you prepare for adult life, from help with University applications to careers advice.

Sixth form college students from all backgrounds are more likely to progress to a UK university, are more likely to continue into their second year, and are more likely to progress to the most selective institutions than students educated elsewhere in the state system. 

Those who wish to progress straight to employment after completing their studies are more likely to do so than those at other state schools or colleges.

Whatever your aspirations for the future, a sixth form college is perfectly placed to help you achieve them, offering personalised support as you transition to higher education and employment.

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Transforming lives through learning

Our purpose at BHASVIC is to transform lives through learning. We accomplish this by providing our students with the opportunities they need to achieve their educational ambitions.

Staff expect our students to achieve their best at the College. Relationships between staff and students are warm and friendly, and we are justly proud of the quality of support we offer each individual.

Our Charter outlines for students, their parents or carers, our staff and governors, and prospective employers what they may expect of BHASVIC and what the College expects of them.

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