Two student being interviewed on the BHASVIC playing fields

An all-round education

Our mission at BHASVIC is to ensure you receive an all-round education that prepares you to be an independent lifelong learner.  We want you to make the most of the opportunities available here that will enable you to realise and exceed your potential.



A levels and BTECs (along with English or maths GCSE for those who need it) will form the foundation of your timetable at BHASVIC, but learning here goes deeper than simply knowing course material. 

Success at this level requires you to be able to understand and manipulate knowledge with both breadth and depth. Your course teachers will work together and ensure you develop the skills to be able to do this.

An all-round education that prepares you to be an independent lifelong learner


Learning how to learn requires the ability to solve problems and make connections. On top of that, it involves knowing how to manage your time and work independently. 

We will help you reflect on your studies and progress, and identify skills you need to develop - not only for your current courses, but for your future as a lifelong, independent learner. 

We support our students via the 6 R’s initiative, helping you to become Reflective, Resilient, Resourceful, Respectful, Responsible Risk-takers. Your lessons will involve learning independently, learning with others and receiving individual support from your teachers.



BHASVIC is more than just a place of learning - it’s a community, where you can develop your own values and embrace your role as a citizen on a local, national and international level.

By joining college societies outside of lessons, you will have the opportunity to explore your passions and share them with the wider world. We encourage our learners to involve themselves with charity and outreach in the community.



We want to ensure that your learning covers a multitude of ideas and options, whatever the focus of your course combinations. Our staff will support you in recognising and following your own areas of specialism across and beyond the curriculum.

Our short portfolio courses, which are available to choose from in second year, are designed to help you specialise your knowledge, explore new areas, and build your CV toward a focus of your choice.


Our enrichment opportunities add an extra dimension of breadth to your time at the college.

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