Adult Language Courses

We offer a range of adult education courses in: 

Arabic - Mandarin - French - German - Italian - Japanese - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Swedish

These affordable tutor-led courses are designed to help you update or improve your skills in the foreign language of your choice. With maximum class sizes of 16, you’ll be ensured a personal experience, with plenty of chances to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Our main course programme starts in September, but we also offer 20-week beginner courses commencing in January and 10-week Holiday Courses starting in April. 

Language courses are aimed at learners over the age of 19, although BHASVIC sixth formers are also welcome to attend our evening courses. Please note that we do not offer any accreditation for these courses.

Our courses are mainly classroom-based, with occasional listening and speaking lessons in our digital language lab. You will have access to free on-site parking throughout the course’s duration.

We operate on a first come, first served basis so please enrol early to avoid disappointment.

Enrolment on our 10 week Holiday Courses in French, German, Italian and Spanish (beginner courses for holidaymakers starting in April) is now open!
Please see the Language Course Schedule below for further details.

If you are interested in joining one of the courses that started in September or January, please contact to check availability and discuss the details.

If you would like to be added to our contact list for courses starting in September 2018 (all languages and levels), please send a message to and we will email you enrolment details as soon as they have been released.

Enrol on-line Language course schedule

The enrolment deadline for our 10 week Holiday Courses (beginner courses for holidaymakers) starting in April is Monday 26th March 2018.

Please enrol early to avoid disappointment as some courses are filling up quickly.

You can enrol:

Please fill in the Online Enrolment Form and pay online via Parent Pay 

(or send us a cheque if you prefer that payment option).

By post
Please return the completed enrolment form by post with payment  (a cheque enclosed or card details filled in overleaf unless you have paid online via Parent Pay)

Adult Education Department.
205 Dyke Road

You can download the brochure with the enrolment form as a PDF, which you can then print out.
Forms are also available at Reception.

In person
Please drop your completed application form with payment at Reception (please ring 01273 552200 to check opening times). 

 If you would like to book an individual appointment in the Language Centre (not available after enrolment deadline), please call 01273 859830 (Voice mail available) or email:

Please note that to be registered on a course, you need to submit your completed and signed application (and relevant documentation if appropriate) as well as make the payment for the course. You will not be booked on a course unless all of these are completed.

In line with our commitment to running evening language courses for the local community, we are pleased to offer for the academic year 2016 - 2017 a range of 30 week adult education evening courses in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Spanish starting in September 2016. For Spanish we will also have a 10 week intensive beginners' course commencing at that time. Full details of these courses will be released shortly.
In addition to our main course programme starting in the autumn, we will be offering 20 week beginners' courses in French, German, Italian and Spanish in January 2018 and then in April 2018 we will be opening 10 week Holiday Courses (short beginner courses for holidaymakers) as well.

All courses are taught in a friendly, relaxed learning environment by highly qualified teachers, most of whom are native speakers and will help you learn the language you need to cope with practical situations for travel, professional, cultural, social and leisure purposes.

Our courses do not lead to any formal qualifications, so there is no pressure on you to complete assessments or take exams. Tutors will however assess you informally during class activities and through marking of homework.

The courses are classroom based and to ensure progression it is essential to attend on a regular basis. It is also recommended that you spend at least 1-2 hours each week doing private study.

You will receive ongoing support as we have an online system set up which enables students who have missed a class to find out what was covered. Inclusive in the course fee you have on-site access to the self-study resources in our language laboratory for the duration of your course. You will occasionally be brought there as part of your lessons for listening and speaking exercises.

Who can enrol on our courses

Our courses are aimed at adult learners (aged 19+). Therefore, we will accept enrolments from people who are at least 19 years of age at the start of the course (with the exception of BHASVIC sixth formers who can also join our evening language courses). There is no upper age limit.

Autumn 2017 starters (30-week courses)


Starts: Week beginning 25 September 2017

Half term break: Week beginning 23 October 2017

Open Evenings/ break: Week beginning 13 November 2017

Ends: Week beginning 11 December 2017

Christmas break: 18 December 2017 - 1 January 2018


Starts: Week beginning 2 January 2018

New 20-week beginner courses will start w/b 15 Jan 2018*

Half term break: Week beginning 12 February 2018

Ends: Week beginning 12 March 2018


Starts: Week beginning 19 March 2018

Easter & Spring holidays: 2 - 13 April 2018

New 10-week holiday courses will start after the Easter Holidays*

Bank Holiday: Monday 7 May 2018

Half term break: Week beginning 28 May 2018

Ends: Week beginning 11 June 2018                            

*check website for details

Please note that some classes will not run on certain days due to College events (Open Evenings etc.) or staff holidays. It may also be necessary for some classes to run during the half term holidays.

Also - some courses may finish up to 2 weeks later and your tutor will discuss this with you if this happens.

Course Descriptors and Progression Opportunities

Level 1 Beginner
This course is ideal for those with no or very little knowledge of the language. The main aim of this course is to give you foundation in some basic structures so that you are able to deal with simple everyday situations. You will learn how to give personal information, talk about family and social arrangements, directions, time and numbers, travel and transport, food and drink, shopping, plus holidays and leisure. The focus on practical communication skills will help you to ‘get by’ when abroad. You will be given an insight into the countries’ culture relating to the language you are learning.

This course leads to Level 2.

Arabic Level 1 
Brazilian Portuguese Level 1 
Chinese Level 1 
French Level 1 
German Level 1  
Italian Level 1
Japanese Level 1 
Polish Level 1 
Russian Level 1 
Spanish Level 1

Level 2 Elementary
This course is for those who have successfully completed our Level 1 (or equivalent with other providers), or who have studied the language a long time ago and may be a bit rusty now. At this stage you should have an understanding of basic grammar including the present tense. You will develop your confidence by expanding on Level 1 topics and then go on to be introduced to more complex structures, like the past or the future tenses. The aim of the course is to develop understanding and communication to meet your needs in simple situations requiring a direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. You will develop your understanding of the countries’ culture relating to the language you are learning.

This course leads to Level 3.

Arabic Level 2
Brazilian Portuguese Level 2
Chinese Level 2
French Level 2
German Level 2
Italian Level 2
Japanese Level 2.pdf
Spanish Level 2

Level 3 Pre-intermediate
This course is for those who have successfully completed our Level 2 (or equivalent with other providers). The Pre-Intermediate class aims to build on and consolidate the knowledge of basic language structures and functions allowing you to express yourself more freely in everyday situations. You should be already familiar with the present, past and future tenses, though all language structures will be consolidated. The syllabus of the course may cover the following topics: giving and understanding information about holidays, travelling, talking about situations in the past, understanding descriptions of people and places, making and understanding arrangements. The course will enable you to recount past events, interact in a social context both formally and informally, express opinions and plans and give suggestions. You will also further develop your understanding of the countries’ culture relating to the language you are learning.

This course leads to level 4.

French Level 3
German Level 3
Italian Level 3
Japanese Level 3
Spanish Level 3

Level 4 Intermediate
This course is for those who have successfully completed Level 3 (or equivalent with other providers). You should be confident using the present, future and past tenses as well as some more complex structures. The intermediate class aims to revise and consolidate structures learned at pre-intermediate level, to broaden vocabulary and give you extra confidence. It will enable to communicate freely on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, family, and leisure, describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes and ambitions, and give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. You will also learn about the countries’ culture relating to the language you are learning.

This course leads to Level 5.

French Level 4
German Level 4
Italian Level 4
Japanese Level 4
Spanish Level 4

Level 5 Upper-intermediate
 This course is designed for confident and experienced learners who have completed our level 4 or at least four years of part-time study before joining the class. You would have already learnt all the main tenses and should be comfortable conversing in the target language but you would like to build up fluency and consolidate more advanced grammar items. The main aim of the course is to increase your confidence in expressing your opinions on a wide range of topical issues. This course will enable you to further develop your speaking, listening and written skills in order to express yourself fluently and almost effortlessly by selecting adequate complex sentence forms to do so. The course syllabus may be constructed around the following areas: films, theatres and concerts, tourism, events and their consequences, ecology and the environment, plus health issues. You will be given an insight into the countries’ culture relating to the language you are learning.

This course leads to Level 6.

French Level 5
German Level 5
Italian Level 5
Spanish Level 5

Level 6 Advanced
This course is for those who have successfully completed Level 5 (or equivalent with other providers) and is designed for advanced learners who have a very good command of the language and feel confident conversing in it. The course will cover a wide range of following cultural topics which will be adapted to students’ interest: literature, current affairs, art, cinema, music, history, geography and country’s institutions. Original materials from various quality newspapers and magazines, video documentaries and audio sources will be incorporated into syllabus. Students will have an opportunity to do their research on topics relating to current affairs and personal interests so they can discuss them during the lessons. The emphasis of this course is on speaking and in class you will get ample opportunity to practise your conversational skills through pair-work and group exercises. Practical advice on grammar will be integrated as appropriate.

French Level 6
Italian Level 6
Spanish Level 6

Holiday (Short beginner course for holidaymakers)
This highly communicative short course is ideal for those with no prior knowledge of the language. Emphasis will be on learning simple ways of expressing yourself to be able to 'get by' on holiday, for example booking a hotel room or ordering food in a restaurant. Grammar explanations will be kept to a minimum. This course is ideal for people who cannot commit themselves to more than one­­­­­­ term or who just want to learn basic phrases to use on holiday.
Holiday French
Holiday German
Holiday Italian
Holiday Spanish


Full Fee


30 week Courses (all levels - start September 2017)



10 week Intensive Beginner Courses (start September 2017)


No concessions

20 week Beginner Courses (start January 2018)



10 week Holiday Courses (start April 2018)


No concessions

Methods of payment:

  • Cheque (payable to BHASVIC).
  • Credit / Debit Card (please note that we do not accept AMEX).
  • Online - with Parent Pay (opens a new window and you can pay with your debit or credit card, including AMEX)

Parent Pay (opens a new window and you can pay with your debit or credit card, including AMEX)


Please make sure you have submitted to us your completed application form (as well as relevant documentation if you are paying a concessionary fee) if you are paying via Parent Pay. If you fail to do so, your place on a course cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that we do not accept cash.

Learners on our 30 and 20 week courses may be eligible for concessions listed below (for each of these you will also need to supply the following types of documentary evidence - please show the original of the document to a member of staff at Reception. It is advisable to call them on 01273 552200 to check the opening hours prior to making the journey. Please note that we will not accept scanned documents sent by email.

Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
JSA Letter dated within 3 months showing learner's name, current address and the benefit received OR a JSA letter older than 3 months supported by a current bank statement (dated within 3 months) showing regular receipt of JSA. (ES40 JSA benefit book will not be accepted).

Employment & Support Allowance

Letter/notice dated within the last 3 months showing learner's name, current address and the benefit received OR a letter older than 3 months supported by a current bank statement (dated within 3 months) showing regular benefit receipts.

Over 65
Proof of age is required (any ID document with a photo and date of birth, e.g. passport, driving licence).

Full Time Students in Higher Education
A letter from your university or your student ID card (issued by them) showing your name, FT student status and student number. Please note that if your student ID card does not state FT, we are afraid we cannot accept it as sufficient proof of your full time student status. If you are not a FT student when you are submitting your enrolment form, we may only accept your unconditional offer letter from university and you will need to present us with the relevant documentation as soon as you can.

BHASVIC Students
Please note that only BHASVIC 6th form students as well as BHASVIC ESOL students are eligible for this concession.

BHASVIC Employees
All BHASVIC employees are also eligible for a concession.

Class sizes
To enhance the quality of learning, the usual class size is between 8 and 16 students.

Courses will only run if student numbers meet a viable minimum. However, if a class number is below 8, we may open a course providing students are happy to pay an additional fee.

Cancellation of a course and refunds
If a course is cancelled by the College (e.g. due to insufficient numbers) before its start date, we will let you know and full refunds will be issued automatically.

We do not refund fees for other reasons.

If you wish to cancel your application, we must receive a written notification from you at least 2 weeks before the course is due to start. Please note that 10% or minimum £10 administration charge will be deducted from your refunded payment.

We regret we are unable to refund fees once a course has been opened, nor transfer people to courses starting later on in the year or in the next academic year.

Occasionally, we may be forced to change the day of a course. If this applies to a course that you have already signed up for, we will give you a full refund if the changes do not suit you.
Please note that the College cannot be held responsible for the loss of classes cancelled due to external factors, e.g. extreme weather conditions.

Being registered on a course
Please note that to be registered on a course, you need to submit your completed and signed application form as well as make the payment on enrolment. If you are paying a reduced fee, your application will not be accepted until we receive all the relevant documentation confirming your eligibility status.

Please note that you will receive an introductory email / letter confirming your acceptance on the course as well as full details prior to the start date. Should there be no spaces available on the course and you have made the payment, a full refund will be issued to you.

Please note that the course book is not included in the course fee and you will need to purchase it individually.

If you wish to withdraw from a course before the end date, we would appreciate if you could confirm that in writing (letter or email).

BHASVIC is conveniently situated on Dyke Road in Hove with easy access from the A27 Bypass. Most evenings there is free parking on site (first come, first served) and we are also accessible by public transport.

Please note that during the College’s Open Evenings and Parents’ Evenings there will be no parking available.

The Language classes take place in College House.

Click here to go to the How to find us page

Additional information

Damage: BHASVIC cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any vehicles or property brought onto the premises.

Q: What do I do if I find myself on the wrong level?
A: Providing there is a suitable course, we will be more than happy to move you up or down a level. (Not available to students on holiday courses or conversation classes).

Q: Can I join in with a class during the year?
A: If places are available, then yes!

Q: Can I pay in instalments.
A: Sorry but the full fee must be paid before the course starts.

Q: I am really interested in one of your courses, but can’t attend on the day you are advertising should I look elsewhere?
A: Yes and we will be happy to recommend other institutions. However, it is still worth registering your interest, as occasionally we create additional courses if there is a high demand, especially Level 1 courses.

Q: Do you have any courses starting later on in the year?
A: Yes! We offer 20-week courses that commence in January as well as 10-week holiday courses starting in April.

Q: Will I need to put much work in outside of the lessons?
A: Even though our courses do not lead to a qualification, it is impossible to retain what you have learnt in class without doing some homework and revision throughout the course. We recommend about 20 minutes per day of exposure to the language, i.e. doing homework, listening to the radio, songs, watching a video or reading an article in a newspaper or magazine.

Language Laboratory (Self access facilities)

The Laboratory is equipped with 25 individual workstations; 23 with PCs and 2 with TV and DVD. The Laboratory's self study resources include reference books, CDs and interactive videos, access to the internet, reading and listening comprehensions, satellite TV, and magazines. Please note that these can be used on site only.

Opening Times (for self access, term-time only)

These times are provisional

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 16.30 - 18.30

Tuesday 17.30-18.30

Agnieszka Stafford (Evening Language Courses Manager)


Or telephone: 01273 859830 (Voice mail available)

Adult Education
205 Dyke Road