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Face Coverings at BHASVICIn response to the national mandate, all students and staff are asked to wear a face covering when using indoor communal areas and corridors. Face coverings are not required in lessons at this time. We will review the situation in three weeks time. Please continue to self-test twice weekly. Thank you.

Student Receiving Learning Support

Specialised support for student success

Dedicated support

Our staff are dedicated to giving you the best possible start in your academic study and career. That means individually tailored support, from assistance with coursework to your personal welfare.

Our students tell us they like the informal but purposeful atmosphere in the college, and the independence college life offers. We believe our students are young adults, capable of taking responsibility for themselves and their work, and requiring support and guidance to achieve this.  Please scroll down to view the list of support services we offer our students.

At BHASVIC there are many services in place to help support all our students, their Personal Tutor is always an excellent first port of call. For those who may need more intensive or specialist advice, we have a dedicated team of Counsellors and a Welfare Coordinator who specialises in providing practical advice, a full list of support services are listed below.

An explanation of our Student Support, Experience and Guidance Department will be available to view here soon, recorded from our New Parent Information Webinar Evening.

Our team of Guidance Managers are also able to help with support and advice: every student has a Personal Tutor and Guidance Manager assigned to them when they start at BHASVIC, they can be identified by the first initials of their Tutor Group code e.g. AMC/NJF.


As a BHASVIC student, you will receive support with your progression planning via the tutorial programme, and from the resources which can be found on the VLE.  

However, in addition to this, we also have two fully-qualified and experienced Careers Advisers who can help you explore your options during a one-to-one appointment. This individualised service is open to all students and appointments can be booked via the Careers Information, Advice and Guidance page (Appointments) of the VLE found here.

One-to-one guidance is designed to support students' aspirations, challenge preconceptions and open their eyes to the range of opportunities available to them. Our advisers are skilled in helping individuals assess their own skills, values and interests and how these may match future careers. 

A key aim for us is to ensure that all students have the self-awareness and research skills they need for their future progression. We hope to equip all of our students with skills that will take them from BHASVIC onto the next stage of their education or career and beyond.  

Our regularly updated VLE page provides up-to-date information about colleges and universities, career options, apprenticeships, gap years, voluntary work, working abroad and a variety of other possibilities. This is backed up by our annual Futures Fair where we have approximately 100 exhibitors available to guide our students in their choices. 

Whether you’re looking for advice and guidance on your transition from College to Higher Education or the world of work, exploring longer-term career ideas, updating your CV or brushing up on interview techniques, our careers service will answer your questions and help you develop the required skills. Further detailed careers information and resources can be found here Careers and Employability

Careers Resources for Prospective Students:

Post 16 Information Booklet

Careers and Your Subjects




BHASVIC Online Welfare & Counselling Referral System

This referral system is for students who want to access support from either the Welfare Team or the Counselling Team

Whatever it is that is worrying you, no matter how small you think it may seem, if you want to talk to someone please get in touch by making a referral.

It may take some time to complete the referral - you might want to ensure you have some privacy and at least 10 minutes without interruption. If you need to access a device, or a quiet space at college, please come to the Student Services Centre and we will find somewhere for you. 

The Counselling Service at BHASVIC is provided by YMCA Dialogue, an organisation with over 20 years’ experience in delivering counselling and therapeutic services to children and young people. Our Lead Counsellor has over 25 years of experience and is supported by 6 other counsellors, with the aim of supporting as many students as possible. The service is fully accredited by the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

The purpose of seeing one of our counsellors is to offer you a regular, supportive, safe and confidential space to talk about anything that is making you worried or upset, or any difficult thoughts you are having. 

Young people come to counselling for lots of different reasons, such as: 

Sadness, depression, unhappiness, loneliness

• Difficulties with family and/or peer relationships

• Anger

• Worries about college or work

• Concerns about sex or sexuality

• Use of alcohol and/or drugs

• The illness or death of someone close to them

• Experience of sexual, physical or emotional abuse

• Self harm.

• Suicidal thoughts

What you say remains private - unless we think you or any other person is at risk of coming to serious harm. Even then we would hope to talk to you about it first. Sometimes young people ask us to talk to parents, carers, teachers or tutors on their behalf.

Your counsellor will listen to you and talk through any difficult things that are going on for you. Most students are offered 6 counselling sessions which last for 40 minutes each. However, sometimes people come for just one session and sometimes we see people for several months - this will depend on what you and your counsellor feel you need. 


Whilst at BHASVIC, students have access to a range of support services. You can find more detailed information about each service on this page but here is an overview of what all students can access during their time with us.

(Please scroll down the page to view further Emotional, Health and Wellbeing resources)

#BeMoreBHASVIC Wellbeing Support

Throughout our students’ time at BHASVIC we are always looking for ways to promote and support positive wellbeing and mental health. We are as committed to helping students’ personal development as we are to their academic development and our wellbeing support plays a major role in this.

Underpinning everything we do is the concept of #BeMoreBHASVIC – we want our students to BHappy, Active, Successful, Valued, Independent members of the college Community. At the heart of this approach is ‘Be Happy’. We understand that no one can be happy all the time, and that happiness is a very personal concept, but we are committed to delivering our students a positive college experience and giving them the tools to build greater happiness now and in the future.

Visit our wellbeing page for further resources

Students who disclose or present a safeguarding concern to any member of staff can be confident that this will be handled sensitively, and appropriately. In line with our duties under Keeping Children Safe in Education legislation, we have a Designated Person for Safeguarding, and a Cross-College Safeguarding Lead who co-ordinates cases where students need the support of external services. Please see further information in the Safeguarding section.


For ongoing emotional well-being problems, we have a counselling team within the college, provided by DLG YMCA Dialogue Centre, and last year over 100 students saw a counsellor at BHASVIC. This service is there to support students over a longer period of time, and the waiting list can be long, so it is not able to provide an immediate response to students in crisis. When students do present with more urgent mental health needs, we can make referrals to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), to help them get the clinical support they need.

Students who access counselling at BHASVIC report really positive outcomes. In 2016-17, 94% of students supported by the counselling team reported that they felt their college work had improved or stabilised during counselling, including improvement in concentration levels, their ability to apply themselves, completion of homework, academic attainment and the feeling of achievement and pride in themselves. 95% of students who received counselling reported that they felt their behaviour had improved or stabilised. 95% of students seen for one-to-one counselling reported that their self-esteem improved or stabilised. 94% reported an improvement to their emotional well-being, consequences of which included feeling more positive about their future and better equipped to deal with stressful situations. Please see further information in the counselling section.

Welfare Office

The Welfare Office provides a place where students can be listened to, where they can talk about any difficulties or worries they have inside or outside college. Every year hundreds of students visit the Welfare Office to talk about their emotional well-being, mental health, and physical health. As well as supporting students within the college well-being structures, students are referred to local support services for specialist help. Please see further information in the Welfare section. A comprehensive list of both local and national services can be found here Young People Support Services

Careers Advisors

Students who are worrying about their future plans can make an appointment to see one of our Careers Advisors to discuss jobs, university, apprenticeships, gap years and any other careers-related topic they need advice on. Please find further information on the Careers section.

Peer to peer support

We also encourage students to support each other through their friendship groups, and to come and see us if they have concerns about a friend or classmate. Safeguarding is a whole college task, and we’re really proud of our students making mature and responsible decisions to seek help. We want BHASVIC to be an inclusive and accepting college where every individual feels part of a community and where we play an active role in our local community to help raise standards and aspirations. We strive for the highest possible standards, where students are supported, valued and developed as individuals in a safe environment, knowing that their well-being is key to their success.

BHASVIC is committed to ensuring that everybody in our community (students, staff, parents, carers, governors and applicants) is treated fairly and equally.

With this in mind, we aim to be:

• An inclusive and accepting college where every individual feels part of a community and where we play an active role in

  our local community to help raise standards and aspirations.

• An efficient, fair and intelligently managed organisation.

• A college where staff and students are supported, valued and developed in a safe environment, knowing their own wellbeing

   is key to our success

• A college which allows all students to achieve above and beyond what they think is possible

• An enabling curriculum, providing a broad and balanced, all-round education

Students and staff are welcome to join the BHASVIC Inclusivity Group (BIG), which advises on EDI matters in the college.

BHASVIC’s EDI Team can be contacted by email via: edi@bhasvic.ac.uk

Equality & Diversity implementation Measures (EDIMS)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Leaflet 2019

External organisations for equality, diversity and inclusion

These documents list local and national organisations that can support people based on their demographics, protected characteristics, or personal situation.

Services are organised alphabetically within each category. Inclusion on this list is for advice only. Not all groups included in this list have been assessed by the college. Individuals should take their own steps in ensuring suitability when contacting any of the groups or organisations listed. Details correct at date of publication – May 2018.



Financial Support for 2021-22:

Please note the following important information:

  • The 2021/22 16-19 Bursary Guidelines are available HERE, please make sure to read these before starting your application
  • The online application system will is now available, please click the following link to apply for the BHASVIC Bursary Online Application Portal
  • The closing date for applications is Friday 3 December 2021 but you should apply as soon as possible when the applications are available. If you find yourself in financial hardship after this date please contact Student Services

  • Funding is limited and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all of your financial support requirements

  • Payment of bursary funds is dependent on student maintaining attendance of 90% or above on all their courses and displaying appropriate behaviour whilst at College

  • It is essential that when you complete the application form in full and submit with the evidence that is requested.

Please be aware that confirmation of awards may not be made until late-September at the earliest due to the large numbers of applications expected. Parents and students may wish to put in place a contingency to pay for travel and food in September. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that any expenditure made over this period will be reimbursed.

You will receive a log-in to our online portal Parent Advantage  in September/October, It enables you to track the progress of your young person online which includes up-to-date attendance, timetable, support plans, exam entries etc.

Parents can also track student progress online and through termly written Progress Reviews. These give students a regular opportunity to reflect on their performance across all courses, and enables students and parents to see feedback from staff.

There are three Parents' Evenings in the first year which offer parents the chance to meet with the personal tutor and subject teachers.

By maintaining a transparent relationship between students, staff and parents, we ensure that learners are getting the support they need both in school and at home.

Emergency/Immediate Crisis Support

The following services do offer support to individuals who feel they are a serious risk to themselves or others, or those in immediate danger:

Samaritans for 24/7 support and someone to talk to. This service is free and confidential. Phone 116 123

Sussex Mental Healthline for support and information if you are worried about your mental health. Mon-Fri 5pm to 9pm, 24 hours at weekends and Bank Holidays - phone 0300 5000 101

You can call the NHS 111 service if you urgently need help or advice but it is not a life-threatening situation

The Mental Health Rapid Response Service is a rapid assessment service for people suffering from mental health problems who are at risk and may not be able to keep themselves safe, or are considering attending A&E for help with their mental health. Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Call 01273 242220

For emergency situations always call 999 or visit the local Accident & Emergency.

You can also find further helpful resources on our dedicated Young People's Support - A-Z Guide.

BHASVIC recognises that all members of the college community have the right to be safe and protected, both within the college and whilst engaged in college-related activities. The welfare and wellbeing of students is of paramount importance, in and out of college.

The college ensures that relevant and effective safeguarding practices exist and are actively promoted through the College and that it is understood by all that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. This applies both online and in the physical environment. BHASVIC involves students in shaping these safeguarding practices and in promoting safety and wellbeing to everyone in the college community.

Parents and Carers Safeguarding Resources

Safeguarding Information

Student Lanyards

We would like to remind all students to wear their lanyard IDs whilst onsite at BHASVIC. We need to be able to answer the question ‘How do we know who our students are?’ and lanyards provide us with the ability to answer that question and ensure the campus is as safe as it can be. Please can we ask you to ensure your ID is visible whilst onsite and comply with staff who ask you to produce and wear them to ensure you play your part in keeping everyone safe. Student Lanyard Poster.

What can I do if I am concerned about my or someone else's safety?

You can speak to any member of staff in the College. This could be your teacher, Personal Tutor, Guidance Manager, a member of the Safeguarding Team, or any other member of staff you feel able to talk to. All of our staff receive Safeguarding training.

The member of staff is not able to promise confidentiality, but will be able to refer you to the right person or Department, if there is a need to do so.

If the problem is something that you would prefer to speak to someone closer to your own age about, please speak to Oliver Philpot the Welfare, Equality and Diversity Officer in the Student Union. You can find lots of useful advice on the Student Welfare page on the VLE.


Emergency safeguarding information outside College hours:



Outside of College hours if you are concerned about a child's welfare, please contact the relevant agency in your area.

Brighton and Hove

Front Door for Families

01273 290400

Brighton & Hove Safeguarding Children Partnership

East Sussex

Single Point of Advice (SPoA) Mon-Thurs 8.30am-5pm and Fri 8.30am-4.30pm.

Phone: 01323 464222


Out of Hours Social Care Service - Children's services: 01273 335905/6

West Sussex

Anyone who has concerns about the welfare of a child can contact a single countywide phone number, Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm: 03302226664


BHASVIC Safeguarding Team

Alison Cousens
Assistant Principal (Director of Student Services)
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Lead responsibility for Child Protection
Designated senior member of staff with lead responsibility for both safeguarding and child protection in the College.


Jutta Knapp
Assistant Principal (Director of Resources) 
Health and Safety
Child Protection


Jo Usher 
Head of Student Support
Safeguarding, Welfare & Community Support
Designated Lead for Mental Health & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Maddi Scott
Safeguarding Lead Specialist
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Genevieve Walter
Human Resources Manager
Safer Recruitment and ISA

Caroline Abbott
EA to Assistant Principal (Director of Student Services)
Guidance & Communications Coordinator


Jackie Davies
Student Welfare Coordinator & EDI Assistant

If you’re looking to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, or to pursue a medical career, you can rely on our comprehensive program of guidance. Support and advice is available from the moment you enrol at BHASVIC, with regular trips to Oxford and Cambridge universities plus visits from key Oxbridge staff. 

Our specialised tutor group pathway will also help you with the Oxbridge application and interview procedure and our medical and veterinary programme will help you select appropriate courses, navigate the application procedure and build a relevant work experience portfolio.

We will coach you for interviews and help you prepare for the UKCAT and BMAT entrance exams.

Please see this year's BHASVIC Quick Travel Guide 2021-22

Below are the links to travel discounts that are referenced in the BHASVIC Quick Travel Guide:


Brighton and Hove Buses ‘BusID’  

16-17 Saver Railcard

16-25 Rail Card


Please see Southern Rail guidance for students travelling from September 2021.

Our tutorial programme is carefully designed to support you on your educational journey, from settling into your new environment, all the way through to leaving College and embarking on your next adventure.

You will be assigned a Personal Tutor right from the very start of your studies, joining a Tutor Group of about 20 students.

Your Personal Tutor will be a guide and mentor, keeping an eye on your progress, offering support, sign-posting help and encouraging you in your endeavours.

Tutor sessions take place once a week and are located in our Student Services building, which also hosts a range of specialist support including careers and work experience advisers, bursary advice, welfare information and counselling services. Further information on these services can be found on this page Our Support Services, please also see the Guidance and Student Services Team.

These sessions are used for one-to-one discussions, as well as group activities to support your wider development. Your Personal Tutor will provide outstanding information, advice and guidance and will help you make the most of your time at BHASVIC by informing you of the huge range of opportunities available beyond your courses.

Tutorial Pathways Explained

In your second year at BHASVIC you will be able to select a specialist tutorial pathway that will best assist you with your courses and lead you toward your chosen career or area of study.

  • Employability and Enterprise (for progression into Employment & Apprenticeships)
  • UCAS Tutorial Pathway (for progression into Higher Education) 
  • Oxbridge Tutorial Pathway (for early UCAS applications to Oxford and Cambridge Universities)
  • Medics Tutorial Pathway (for early UCAS applications for medicine; dentistry and veterinary courses)
  • Visual Arts applications (for progression into visual arts courses in Further Education and Higher Education)

Together with your Personal Tutor you will construct a second year study programme that reflects and supports your developing career aspirations, with a range of options to extend your specialism beyond the curriculum.  We run a Progression Event Annually in June to see examples of previous events, please see our Careers and Employability page and our Parents' and Carers' News Summer 2019 Edition.


Our university application support system will take you from your first thoughts about Higher Education right through to practical advice about making the most of your student loan and dealing with landlords.

You will be given extensive help by your Personal Tutor as you research universities, subjects and courses. You will also find detailed support in preparing your application and writing a personal statement. Your Personal Tutor will check your progress in applying every step of the way and will guide you to making informed and successful choices. 

Parents and carers are also supported through this process via specialist links on our Higher Education website page and through Higher Education Information Evenings in the Spring term of the first year. 

Our destinations data shows the excellent degree completion and achievement rates of BHASVIC students, who are placed among the top achievers nationally compared with independent, sixth form college and state schools.


We fully encourage any student who wishes to study overseas, drawing on the college’s close links with leading US universities. 

The Heads of the Harvard and Yale International Applications departments visit BHASVIC to answer students’ questions, and our staff have undertaken residential visits to Rutgers and Yale.

The leading universities of the Netherlands also visit BHASVIC every year, conducting Information Evenings for parents and students in the Autumn term and working closely with the College to support applications.

Further resources can be found on our Higher Education page.

If you are applying for a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design or applying direct to University to study an Art related course (e.g: Graphic Design) our specialist tutorial programme provides the following:-

  • information, support and advice on the types of courses available,
  • the visual arts application process,
  • interview techniques and portfolio preparation.

BHASVIC Online Welfare & Counselling Referral System

This referral system is for students who want to access support from either the Welfare Team or the Counselling Team

Whatever it is that is worrying you, no matter how small you think it may seem, if you want to talk to someone please get in touch by making a referral.

It may take some time to complete the referral - you might want to ensure you have some privacy and at least 10 minutes without interruption. If you need to access a device, or a quiet space at college, please come to the Student Services Centre and we will find somewhere for you. 

The Welfare Coordinator is extremely knowledgeable, has extensive experience in working with young people, and has links with many specialist agencies and support services working with young people in Brighton, and the surrounding area, and can help students to find support both inside and outside the College.  

Every year, hundreds of students visit the Welfare Office to seek advice and support on a variety of issues. There are far too many to list, but include: 

• Money worries 

• Mental health and emotional wellbeing

• Physical health

• Safety and crime

• Accommodation difficulties e.g. breakdown of family relationship leading to an insecure housing situation

• Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

• Smoking

• Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

• Bullying

BHASVIC is also part of the C Card scheme, which enables us to register students for the free card which gives them access to free condoms from pick up points across the city. We also provide non-judgemental advice and information about contraception, STIs, relationship and sexual health, pregnancy and on-site self-testing for Chlamydia and gonorrhoea. 

The Welfare Office provides a place where students can be listened to, where they can talk about any difficulties or worries they have inside or outside college, and access support specific to their circumstances. 

Widening Participation

Widening participation is a government initiative aimed at supporting social mobility and ensuring that all students have fair access to high quality information, advice and guidance in order to help them make appropriate decisions regarding their future.

BHASVIC works closely with a number of organisations, both locally and nationally, to encourage students from all backgrounds to consider higher education. We will help students to conduct research and consider the most appropriate route for them.  Widening participation offers free, no risk opportunities for students to ensure they understand what is involved in undertaking a university undergraduate degree.  Students are able apply for whichever opportunities they feel are appropriate.

The work we undertake is intended to enable students to make informed decisions about their future; if a student does not feel that higher education is for them then we will support them in their search for employment or other progression routes of interest to them e.g. gap years, college leaver schemes or apprenticeships.

The opportunities offered to widening participation students are varied and can include subject-specific taster days, one to one careers support, advice in making university choices and support with personal statements and interview preparation.

Over half our first year intake qualified for at least one widening participation scheme in 2018-19, and we have an outstanding reputation for our work in this field, leading the way in best practice and sending regular newsletters home to ensure there is support for parents and carers too.

Our Widening Participation scheme is managed within our Student Services department and for further information or questions, please email wp@bhasvic.ac.uk

You can find out more about Widening Participation from the links below:

Widening Participation FAQ

Widening Participation Annual Launch

BHASVIC held its annual Widening Participation launches during October 2019, these were held at BHASVIC and  at the University of Sussex. Students and their parents/carers were invited if they had been identified as being eligible, which was established following completion of the summer survey.

We had approximately 80-100 BHASVIC attendees alongside widening participation students from other local colleges. The evening was a great success with many parents and students speaking to BHASVIC advisors who were available following the presentations. If you are interested in finding out more, our latest and previous newsletters are listed below.

All students should now have completed the Student Support Survey and will have been informed if they are eligible. If any students have not completed the survey, then this link can be used https://bhasvle.bhasvic.ac.uk/mod/feedback/view.php?id=71722.  Students can still complete the survey and will then receive information about upcoming activities.


Widening Participation Updates

BHASVIC Widening Participation Newsletter Autumn 2021 - A1

BHASVIC Widening Participation Newsletter Autumn 2021 - A2

BHASVIC Widening Participation Newsletter Summer 2021

BHASVIC Widening Participation Newsletter Easter 2021

BHASVIC Widening Participation Newsletter Spring 2021

BHASVIC Widening Participation Newsletter Winter 2020




We encourage all of our students to explore career ideas through experiences in the workplace and due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, this may now be in the form of virtual work experience – online or remotely. For some students, work experience may be a compulsory curriculum requirement e.g. BTEC qualifications, or a required element of the Employability and Enterprise tutorial pathway. For others, work placements might be completed through summer term enrichment or on an ad-hoc basis. 

We can help students source relevant placements and work together to ensure that students get the most from the experience. 

If you require more information, please email Sam Davey, our Careers and Work Placement Coordinator on wex@bhasvic.ac.uk.

Some useful resources to help you on your way...

Work Experience Opportunities:

Get Careers Confident

Student Ladder 

Virtual Work Experience Websites:

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Forage (formerly InsideSherpa)

Future Frontline


Rate My Apprenticeship

Royal College of General Practitioners

Speakers for Schools


The Lawyer Portal

Work Finder


Volunteering Websites:



YMCA Right Here

Hospital Volunteering (including Royal Sussex County, Princess Royal and Worthing Hospitals): contact  wex@bhasvic.ac.uk

Local business directory: Free Index Brighton & Hove

Experience in the Workplace – Employer Support Required

At BHASVIC we strive to provide our students with the best overall experience, this includes preparing them for their next step.  This applies to giving our students the opportunity to develop employability skills whilst they are studying. As part of our continuous improvement we would like to extend the opportunities offered to students in order to give them an insight into the working environment.

We are asking any parents, carers or family friends if they would be in a position to offer a BHASVIC student an opportunity to complete an experience of the workplace.

We are flexible regarding times and dates, it doesn’t have to be a week long commitment; it can be can couple of hours each week over a couple of months, or we can discuss other arrangements. Students can fit this around their academic timetable.

There are weeks where placements are in more demand than others due to commitments in the student’s tutorial programme, and these times are:

  • Reading Week – usually around the second week in November,
  • and any times during college holidays.

If you are able to give a student this opportunity, please can you complete the following form and return it either to Student Services or to the work experience mailbox wex@bhasvic.ac.uk

Parent Interest Form