Year 10 Taster Day - 4 July 2019

Taster Days are now fully booked with significant waiting lists. It is no longer possible to book a Taster Day session this year. We are sorry to disappoint you, if you wished to attend one of these. However, we’d also like to reassure you that you do not need to have attended a Taster Day at BHASVIC to apply to the college. In addition, not having attended a Taster Day will not impact at all on your application or interview. Taster Days are designed to provide attendees with a feel for the college and an experience of subjects that they are interested in. Attending one of our Open Evenings in November is another ideal opportunity to gain experience of BHASVIC and explore the right courses and subjects for you.

Student safety: Please note that staff will always be on-hand to support students who are new to the college, throughout the day. However, we would like you to note that a sixth form college environment has some important differences to that commonly found in secondary schools. At BHASVIC we have an open site, with fourteen entrances and exits which are not staffed, locked or closed during the college day.

Whilst on site, all of the college’s usual health and safety policies and procedures apply for all students. We ask all our Year 10 Taster Day students to remain on the college premises from their arrival to their departure, after the final plenary session. We also ask students to report to Reception if they need to leave the college at all during the Taster Day activities.

We believe it is important for Year 10 Taster Day students to gain a genuine college experience and part of the transition to a further education environment involves greater freedoms and responsibilities. On Taster Day, we contact the school of any student whom we were expecting but who has not arrived for registration. We do not usually report to parents, carers or schools on student absence during the rest of the day, unless there is a particular behaviour issue or health emergency, and do not monitor whether students remain on the BHASVIC site in their free session. If a young person leaves the college site against our request, we cannot be responsible for them or their actions.

We would like to reassure you that our approach of greater freedom and responsibility for students on this day has worked very well for our Year 10 students for several decades and the students rise to this very well and enjoy it immensely. However, if you are concerned about the lower level of student monitoring during the day and wish to withdraw your young person because of this we will completely understand and this will not in any way affect a future application they make to the college.

Otherwise, we greatly look forward to meeting your young person on the Taster Day and hope they have an exciting and inspirational day with us.