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The BHASVIC Prospectus provides three broad areas of information:

  1. Information about the college, the student experience, support and enriching opportunities beyond the curriculum
  2. Study Programmes, Courses and Subjects
  3. The Admissions process and timings

Our paper prospectus for September 2022 entry (which we give out through school visits and at our Open Evening events) will be purposefully small and short, to reduce our impact on the environment.

However, right here below, you can access a ‘personalised prospectus’ where you select courses you are considering. Once you’ve chosen all the courses you are interested in and you press ‘generate’ you will have your very own, digital BHASVIC Prospectus with all the information about the college plus a page of information on each of your courses.

Each course at BHASVIC also has its very own webpage, with even more detailed information. Check our Courses page.


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Thanks for downloading the prospectus! We look forward to hearing from you.