Ozcan Joshua Nejat

BHASVIC student

What was your previous School? Bülent Ecevit Anadolu Lisesi (Nicosia, North Cyprus)

Why did you choose BHASVIC? The overall attitude at BHASVIC towards helping every single student achieve the best they could achieve was really exciting to me. The teachers and departments inspire a very goal and future oriented mindset in their students, and encourage them to aim towards the highest aspirations they can conjure up, giving them the skillset make it into a reality. And they have the stats to prove it!

What subjects are you studying? Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

What were your challenges and what have you learnt? I had never really been a very organised student. At my previous school (a not so great, poorly funded school with not so great teachers, with a few exceptions) Only 7 igcse's had been made available to me, and only the teachers of 4 of those igcse's intended on me actually sitting the exams! So a very small workload given to an already kind of lazy student by ill-equipped and (mostly) ill-trained teachers.
You could imagine I was seriously unprepared for A Levels. I was terrible at scheduling and managing my workload, couldn't keep my eyes on a textbook for more than 5 minutes, and was extremely overwhelmed all of the time.
The teachers at BHASVIC were very supportive and helped me with my shortcomings. I've learned the importance of planning out independent study, getting rid of distractors and ways of maintaining focus, the insane and unbelievable importance of organising your notes, and most importantly, to never underestimate yourself. Never convince yourself you don't belong, or that it's just 'not meant to be'. The only thing stopping you from improving yourself is the false belief that you can't.

What are your plans for the future? To get a bachelor's degree in physics, then a master's, then a PhD, and become a full time physicists and make contributions to our understanding of the universe.