The enrolment deadline for courses starting in September 2017 (10 week intensive as well as 30 week courses) has now been extended to 15th September for those courses which are not full. Please check individual listings for full courses.

Personal Details

Disability Needs

You do not have to disclose this information, however it will be helpful to the College if you let us know in advance of any support that you may need. Any information will be treated in confidence.


Other Information

This information is sometimes needed by the Dept for Education for monitoring purposes

Data Protection

Data Protection Information you provide on this application may be passed on to the Chief Executive of the Skills Funding Agency, which is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. This registration is primarily for the collection and analysis of statistical data but it also allows the Agency to share information with other organisations for the purpose of detecting fraud. Further information about data confidentiality is available on request from the institution where you are applying. We may ask you to help us with publicising the College to future students. This could be in printed form, on the College website, as a photograph or video image, or information on your achievements. The College will ensure decency and propriety will be maintained in any image used; no personal contact details will be given; an image will not be used beyond six years from the date of consent.


I have read and understood the course conditions and wish to enrol on the above course. I agree to inform the College if my circumstances change (e.g.change of address, cease to receive benefits, etc)


Thank you very much for submitting your application to the Language Centre at BHASVIC.

Please proceed to the payment to complete your registration by using the payment method you chose on your application.

For reference during payment, your course code is and the fee is

Credit or debit card: online by Parent Pay

Cheque (not available after the enrolment deadline): please send us a signed and dated cheque payable to BHASVIC or drop it at Reception.

Please note that you will not be registered on the course unless you have made the payment and submitted all relevant documentation if you are paying a concessionary fee.