Carbon Literacy Award

Qualification: Carbon Literacy Award (Level 3 Award Equivalent, please note the course does not currently carry UCAS points)
Exam board: This short course is written by Manchester Metropolitan University and accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project. BHASVIC co-developed the FE version of this course with The Association of Colleges. 
Course Entry Requirements: All BHASVIC students are eligible to complete the course
Length and size of qualification: This short course runs at various times of the year and requires 5 - 8 hours of study
Timetable hours: You may be able to take the Carbon Literacy Award through one of three routes at BHASVIC:
- Self-study as Enrichment
- As part of your curriculum in Geography
- As part of the Climate Change Portfolio course
Assessment method: Three written answers including a Personal and a Group Pledge.
BHASVIC Department: Led by Kirstin Gaymer (Geography) & Jane Dickson (Education for Sustainable Development Manager) 

You can find out more about this short enrichment course at your interview or at enrolment next year. It does not form part of your college application in Autumn 2022.

What will I study?

What is Carbon Literacy? 

‘An awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.’  

  • Climate change is widely recognised as one of the greatest and most urgent challenges facing the world, recognised locally, nationally and globally. 
  • Becoming Carbon Literate means understanding the science behind climate change, carbon impacts, climate justice and how Governments, industry, international agencies, communities and individuals can act to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change.  

There are five modules in this Level 3 Award 
Module 1:  The Science of Climate Change:  Examining the science of climate change and evidence behind it including a study of the various greenhouse gases. 
Module 2:  Exploring Climate Footprints:  Examining local, national and global carbon footprints and their vulnerability to change.  This module also looks at the carbon footprints of agriculture, food and travel. 
Module 3:  A Zero Carbon World:  Exploring human activities that are causing climate change and the importance of taking action to offset the worst effects of this.  Also examines our personal carbon emissions and imagining a net zero carbon world. 
Module 4:  Our Wider Influence:  Examining how the college can deliver zero carbon, implementing sustainable solutions and educating students on the impact of carbon emissions.  Also examines the challenges of communicating climate change to a range of audiences. 
Module 5:  Taking Action:  Examining our behaviours and climate impact, making significant changes and taking action on how to make carbon savings.  Making Individual and Group Pledges to reduce our carbon footprints.   

The course opens and closes with a discussion seminar. 

Is this course right for me?

Join over 400 BHASVIC students who have already taken this course and develop a range of skills including:- 

  • Independent study 
  • Evaluating evidence critically 
  • Collaborative working 
  • Advocacy and taking action. 

As well as equipping you with up to date information about the science behind climate change and many issues around climate justice, this short course is an opportunity to upskill your CV and strengthen your UCAS application (although the Award carries no UCAS points). 

Student Feedback: 

‘I would definitely recommend doing this course to other students’ 
‘The course was really well set out and it didn’t take me as much time to complete it as I thought it would’ 
‘As part of my group pledge I am going to help run events in College such as the clothes swap and Veganuary event’ 

Where next?

This award is relevant to all subjects, interests and pathways as society moves towards NetZero and all roles include some 'Green Tasks’, even if they are not in the more traditional Green Sectors. 

The Carbon Literacy Award is recognised and used by an increasing number of universities and employers including BBC, ITV, NHS, local government and so the award is a good addition to your CV or UCAS application. 

You can find out more about this short enrichment course at your interview or at enrolment next year. It does not form part of your college application in Autumn 2022.