History (Medieval and Early Modern) A Level

Level A-level

What will I study?

Common to each of our History courses are narratives that are full of intrigue, heroism, conflict and struggle. You will investigate some of the greatest personalities and events of the past: William the Conqueror, Lenin, Mao, the Crusades, the struggle for democracy and equality in Britain, the Cold War. Each of these topics illuminates the present whilst being fascinating in their own right. “Conquest, Crusade and Control in the Medieval and Early Modern World” Paper 1: The Crusades c.1095-1204 Paper 2: Anglo-Saxon England and the Anglo-Norman Kingdom c.1053-1106 Paper 3: The witch craze in Britain, Europe and North America, c 1580-1750 Paper 4: Coursework: The Origin of the English Civil War. The course is 20% coursework, and 80% external exam.

Is this course right for me?

Do you want to discover more about the most significant events and people in history? Are you fascinated about what we may able to learn from the past? Do you enjoy discussion, debate, reading and research? History encourages independent thinking and really suits students who enjoy reading, questioning and debate. Lessons will mainly be seminar style and your learning is supported by foreign and local trips, university study days and student conferences. History is even more engaging when it is seen in action. We invite visiting academics, take trips to local historical sites such as Battle, Pevensey and the Banqueting House; arrange study and lecture conferences; visit universities and their archives and other major museums such as the National Portrait Gallery, British Army Museum and Mary Rose. We also have a fantastic history of foreign travel, including recent trips to China, Russia, Germany, Italy, and Sicily.

Where next?

History is a highly esteemed qualification as it develops rigorous analytical, evaluative and communication skills. History students are prized for their ability to gather and analyse information, express themselves clearly and for their independence of mind. A large percentage of BHASVIC Historians have gone on to top universities and then taken prestigious posts in academia, the media, business, and the legal professions. History is very highly regarded by universities and employers for its rigour and degree of challenge. Whether you study history primarily for pleasure or for the highly respected qualification to which it leads, we can promise you a stimulating, supportive and enjoyable experience.

Minimum entry requirements

C/4 in English Language GCSE. Please make sure that you have also looked at and understand the overall entry requirements to study at BHASVIC. These are available here and outline the GCSE grades you need to take up one of the Programmes of Study at the college.