Law A Level

Level A-level

What will I study?

The Law A level course will enable students to develop a solid foundation in the principles of the English Legal system (e.g. the court system, legal personnel, sources of law), the nature of Law (e.g. themes of morality, justice and the role law plays in society) as well as two substantive areas of Law – Crime and Tort. Criminal Law covers murder, manslaughter, non-fatal offences such as GBH as well as defences available such as intoxication, self-defence and insanity. The study of Tort will involve students learning about negligence, nuisance, occupiers’ liability as well as defences and remedies. The subject will be brought to life through discussions of important legal issues, presentations, evaluation of key cases, visiting speakers as well as trips to the local courts (Magistrates and Crown) plus a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice and a tour of the Supreme Court.

Is this course right for me?

Do you enjoy debating, expressing your opinions and justifying them based on evidence? Do you enjoy reading and expressing yourself in writing? Thinking of a career in Law, or intending to study Law at university? Do you know your rights and responsibilities? Do you want to study a 'new' subject?

Where next?

Due to the problem solving skills that are developed Law is a highly regarded subject. Many of our students progress to university for Law, Law related courses such as Criminology or a degree in any other subject.

Minimum entry requirements

B/6 in English Language GCSE or B/6 in English Literature. Please make sure that you have also looked at and understand the overall entry requirements to study at BHASVIC. These are available here and outline the GCSE grades you need to take up one of the Programmes of Study at the college.