Group of BHASVIC students, Budapest trip 2019

Enrichment and trips

In July 32 of our Business and Economics students travelled to Budapest in Hungary to experience our subjects first hand.

Our visit to Magyar Televízió, Hungary’s state owned TV studio, taught us about the operations management behind the camera, and the implications government influences can have on an industry.

Our tour of the Zwack Unicum Distillery provided us with plenty of opportunities to see Ansoff’s Matrix in action. 

Budapest trip 2019

The Audi car factory tour was a great lesson in mass customisation and the benefits of the EU for businesses and economies.

Learning about sustainable infrastructure at the Korte Organica Environmental Sewage Plant was certainly not the highlight for some of the students, but it did highlight the positive impact technology can have on the environment and the unappreciated importance of such investment for society!

Our last visit was to the offices of Népszava, Budapest’s social-democratic newspaper, where we had a Q&A with the editor. We learnt about their strategies to cope with intense competition and the current government’s interventions in this industry.

Budapest trip 2019


We also experienced plenty of businesses from the tourism industry which allowed us to all contribute to the Hungarian economy. We had a fantastic time, our students were a credit to the college, and we are looking forward to repeating this experience soon! 

Andrew Shepherd, Susan Loxley & Lauren Gilligan