Medieval and Early Modern History students

Medieval and Early Modern History

Have you ever wondered why the Normans were able to conquer the wealthiest and most politically advanced country in Europe in 1066? And what this meant for the lives of English people? And why, over six hundred years later, they wished to execute their own king for treason? Or perhaps you are interested in why so many Christians marched over two thousand miles to capture Jerusalem in 1095, triggering the concept of Jihad in the Near East? Would you also like to know more about some of the most notorious witch hunts of the Early Modern era – including how Matthew Hopkins, the self-styled “Witch-finder General”, terrorised East Anglia in the 1640s or when teenage hysteria resulted in a deadly witch panic in Salem in 1692. No prior knowledge of events is required or expected – the course is designed to broad your historical knowledge and challenge your thinking. It has a wide geographical and chronological range; we study Medieval history in Year One before moving on to the Early Modern era in Year Two.  

Paper One: The Crusades, 1095- 1204 -30%

Paper Two: Anglo-Saxon England and the Anglo-Norman kingdom, c1053-1066 -20%

Paper Three: The Witchcraze in Britain, Europe and North America, c1580-1750 – 30%

Paper Four (coursework): The causes of the English civil war, 1625-1642 – 20%

Have you considered Modern History, History of Art or Geography A Levels? 

Many of our students choose to study another Humanities subject alongside Medieval and Early Modern History  A Level.