21st November 2019

A* Success Story

Indy studied at BHASVIC 2017 - 2019. She sat 3 Sociology papers and achieved an A* overall, achieving nearly full marks on each of the papers. Indy says the key to being successful in any A level not just Sociology is to start revision as soon as possible: "It’s also important that you learn what type of revision works best for you and for the subject. I would advise other students to do flashcards - not the type where you make them 2 days before the exam, so you barely have time to learn the flashcards. I think flashcards are more effective if you make them after Christmas in a detailed, clear and concise style. By making revision resources as early as possible it means you have time to learn the flashcards. Buzzwords are also quite useful for Sociology, for example when it came to remembering Phil Cohen - I would often remember Phil Mitchell from EastEnders who is bald - that way I knew his study was about skinheads.

Organisation is the key to succeeding in all your exams - start revising as early as possible. It may end up being the worst 6 months of your life, but it will 100% be worth it when you open that envelop on results day and get into the university of your dreams. Learning how to organise yourself as quickly as possible will benefit you hugely when you get to university. You’re given tonnes of work and expected to hit deadlines without a teacher constantly reminding you, so organisation is definitely a skill to learn as early as possible!

Sociology has significantly changed the way in which I see the world and society. It has made me more aware of the inequalities in society and the power balance between various groups in society. Sociology A level will benefit me in my degree work - Political Science and Sociology. My recent assignment on ‘A political issue which is important to me’ involved me analysing sexism in the home, which combined my sociological and political knowledge of the ways we are socialised from a young age into gender appropriate norms in everyday life."