04th April 2022

Alan Gardner QC came to BHASVIC to give a talk to BTEC and A Level law students

There was a great turn out at an event hosted by BHASVIC Law Society in February. The President of  BHASVIC Law Society, Tilly Storey, organised a talk on sentencing in relation to the law on murder. This talk was delivered by Alan Gardner QC who prosecutes and defends in serious criminal cases and also sits as a Recorder in the Crown Court. First and second year BTEC and A Level law students and students from across the college attended and listened to this fascinating talk on life sentences for murder along with high profile cases.

 Alan Gardner QC came to BHASVIC to gave a talk to A Level law students

Alan Gardner QC came to BHASVIC to gave a talk to A Level law students

This talk is one of many enrichment events for Law students. 

In December 2021, a BTEC Law event was held at the college with guests including an inspector from Sussex police force who held a really informative Q & A session on careers with the police. In addition, a former BHASVIC student, James Yates, talked about his role as a Solicitor- Advocate and answered questions on careers and training in the legal profession. Lucy Tarrant, partner and Managing Director of Cognitive Law, spoke to students about her experience in financial and contractual dispute resolution and her work as a litigation partner, employment solicitor and in-house counsel. Students really benefitted from Lucy's insights in these fields. Colette McBeth, author of critically acclaimed psychological thrillers and previously Crime Correspondent for the BBC delivered a talk about some of the cases she has covered such as the Ipswich serial murders in 2006. The event culminated in the University of Law's True Crime Lecture. It was a very successful event, well-attended by BTEC and A Level Law students which provided them with an opportunity to find out more about various roles in the legal profession and a forum to ask questions. 

Colette McBeth  and Lucy Tarrant