14th December 2021

AMEX & Albion In The Community careers talks

American Express employees, hosted by Rob Josephs from Albion In The Community, visited BHASVIC virtually on Wednesday 8th December and gave students from five Business and Economics classes an insight into their current job roles, career paths and backgrounds. Thanks to Anoop Rattan, Francesco Calabretta and Jyoseeta Ramluggun for their time and wisdom!

On Thursday 9th December, this enrichment experience was repeated but with a focus of further empowering our female students to help them overcome the barriers facing women that sadly still exist in the workplace. Thanks to Jacomina Baatje, Joanne Hopkins, Lily Hunt, Helen Marie Kingsley and Nikeeta Phagura for inspiring our students!

The purpose of these enrichment opportunities was to highlight the fact that students’ imminent career paths will be wildly different, varied, exciting, and occasionally frustrating, and to advise them on the best qualities and skills needed for this journey. Our students were encouraged to always believe in themselves and embrace a growth mind-set by staying positive, continually learning, being flexible, and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. They were encouraged to develop their skills of team work, problem solving, and communication.

American Express has a broad range of college leaver opportunities, as well as internships and graduate schemes, some of which can be found here: American Express Office in Brighton

Andy Shepherd & Susan Loxley from the Business & Economics team

AMEX & Albion In The Community careers talks