03rd April 2023

BHASVIC Climate Action Group visit

BHASVIC Climate Action group organised a trip to Brighton University where students heard from architect Duncan Baker-Brown and went on a tour of the Brighton Waste House. A building constructed with over 85% waste material which is a living laboratory for ecological architectural design. Used day-to-day by university staff and students and available for booking and visits at the University of Brighton's City Campus, the Waste House demonstrates numerous principles of sustainable architecture and design.

The Brighton Waste House project investigated strategies for constructing a contemporary, low energy, permanent building using over 85 per cent waste material drawn from household and construction sites. The building is Europe's first permanent public building made almost entirely from material thrown away or not wanted. It is also an EPC ‘A’ rated low energy building. It aims to prove that under valued, so-called 'waste' material has potential to become a valuable resource and therefore prove that there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place.

Brighton Waste House