18th October 2019

BHASVIC students star in YOUTHQUAKE at the Old Market Theatre

YOUTHQUAKE is a new 360-degree show about being young and changing the world. BHASVIC students will be performing in YOUTHQUAKE at The Old Market Theatre, Hove: Tuesday 5 November at 8pm  – Wednesday 6 November at 5pm & 8pm. Tickets available from the Old Market Theatre online booking office

Becky is thirty years old and wants to make a difference. Frustrated with her peers, Becky wants to empower the next generation to stand up and change the world. She performs an inspirational presentation for the audience. Except there’s a problem, Becky’s been talking so much that she’s not realised the Youthquake has already begun. 
Youthquake is an exciting, 360-degree theatre experience from the award-winning Zest Theatre. Developed through conversations with 800 young people from across the country, Youthquake uses their words and opinions to give voice to a generation often left unheard. Part show, part TED Talk and part party, Youthquake takes you on an exhilarating journey through the hidden lives of Teen Britain and asks what it actually means to change the world.

The BHASVIC cast at The Old Market Theatre: Henry Austin, Jenny Black, Lauren Bliss, Isabella Campbell, Sapphire Edwards-Jones, Sarah Fowler, Lina Garrood, Eden Green, Sylvie Legget, Alex Ridley, Luke Sullivan.

"It is clear that Zest Theatre is doing valuable work with teenagers" - Broadway Baby
"Zest relishes the opportunity to captivate those who may think theatre isn’t for them" - A Younger Theatre

Image courtesy of Zest Theatre and Old Market Theatre