17th April 2024

Visual Arts students curate an exhibition

BHASVIC Visual Arts students

A team of Visual Arts students at BHASVIC have curated an exhibition at 19a Gallery in Hollingdean with the aim of bridging and interlinking artworks from all four areas of BHASVIC Visual Arts: Fine Art, Graphics, Photography, and Textiles. The artworks have been organised into 'trios' based on various criteria, such as mood, atmosphere, mark-making, or colour palettes rather than the subject the artwork belongs to. The exhibition emphasises the interdisciplinary connections, allowing the audience to observe the shared visual language across different disciplines. Through this showcase, we aim to illustrate the rich creativity and diversity present within the work of our student cohort.

The exhibition will be open from today until Saturday 27th April with the private view 6-8pm on Thursday 18th April.

BHASVIC Visual Arts students have curated an exhibition at Gallery 19A in Hollingdean