12th May 2023

Brighton Fringe Festival

Blood Wedding features in the Brighton Fringe Festival on 17 – 19 May in BHASVIC’s state of the art Elms Theatre - With a combination of physical theatre and vivid storytelling, BHASVIC players present a unique take on Federico García Lorca's classic tale 'Blood Wedding.' Orlaith, a young woman, is forced to make an unspeakable choice – the consequences of which will affect her forever. Will she stay with her unassuming yet loyal husband? Or will she choose to forbid herself from ever coexisting in the society that raised her?

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This adaptation of the original story takes the audience on a journey of family conflict, betrayal and tragedy. ‘Énbarr’, the sea bellowed, Her left cheek glistened to the north. The sea froze spears of resentment, to suffer tempestuous nails of the storm. The accordion confronted the leaves with sudden vibration, promising a celebration – Orlaith’s Wedding Day. Manannan wept, his hooves dissipated in the fallen sand, As he struggled to clasp Énbarr’s hand.

Would the pebble return to Enbarr’s sea? Will that lost pebble return to me?

Adapted and directed by BHASVIC Drama Teacher - Natasha Higdon

Blood Wedding poster