09th July 2019

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Success 2019!

Pictured above are some of our 58 participants in this year’s “C3L6” (Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Lower Sixth) competition. This level of participation – 25% of our whole first year cohort – is a record for BHASVIC. Even more remarkable is the number of certificates awarded:

• 22 Copper Certificates

• 13 Silver Certificates

• 4 Gold Certificates

The examination, designed for first year A level students is a test of candidates’ resilience and problem solving skills, which can directly translate back into A level exam performance in the second year. A massive congratulations to everyone choosing to do this exam, this is a sign to Universities and employers alike that you are willing to take on a challenge. This is a highly sought after personal attribute in all walks of life after College.

The examination itself was taken by over 9000 candidates from across the UK and abroad, itself a record number, making our candidates’ achievements all the more worthy of celebration! Below are the statistics for the exams taken worldwide. Click on for more information .