24th July 2023

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Success 2023!

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Success 2023!

In June this Summer , forty-three of our A level chemists took part in this year’s Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, a super-tough exam based competition aimed at first year A-Level chemistry students. Written along the lines of University degree style chemistry papers, it aims to test students’ problem solving skills far more than a normal A level paper would. This year, over 10,000 students took part nationally.  As such, candidates who take it are prized by employers and Universities alike as they have demonstrated resilience, deduction and willingness to take on a challenge.

Our students achieved a haul of certificates, despite this year’s grade boundaries being higher than in previous years. Congratulations to all who took part!

Grade boundaries for 2023 are as follows, including the number of candidates at each level:

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Roentgenium (Rg) 59 - 70 61 0.600%
Gold (Au) 38 - 58 1033 10.16%
Silver (Ag) 28 - 37 2079 20.45%
Copper (Cu) 18 - 27 3491 34.33%
Participation 0 - 17 3502 34.44%

BHASVIC results are below:

Copper certificates: 11         Silver certificates: 16       Gold certificates: 5