05th June 2023

Chemistry Olympiad 2023 Winners

Our thirty-nine A level chemistry students from both year groups who took this gruelling exam back in January have come back trumps with an excellent haul of certificates! The paper is modelled on typical University degree style chemistry questions but based on A level topics already covered. The question style is highly applied and deductive and requires resilience, problem solving skills as well as a willingness to take on a challenge. This year, nearly 12,000 students nationwide took the paper.

Due to the exceptional level of challenge the paper’s questions presents, participation in this competition is highly prized by Universities and employers alike as evidence of the type of character traits needed to succeed and thrive on today’s degree courses and in a modern working environment. Well done and congratulations to all who took part for giving up a cold and dreary January afternoon to voluntarily take on such a challenging task for two hours in the exam hall! Click here for further details of the national competition from the organisers, the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Chemistry Olympiad 2023 Winners
Chemistry Olympiad 2023 Winners - Gold certificates: 3 - Silver certificates: 9 - Bronze certificates: 17