03rd July 2019

Chemistry Olympiad BHASVIC Success!

More than fifty participants from this year’s prestigious Chemistry Olympiad competition in January, were first year A level students, despite the fact that the paper is designed for second year chemists. 

As a record of resilience and willingness to take on a challenge, competitions like the Chemistry Olympiad are unparalleled and as such, those choosing to take part are recognised and sought after as candidates by employers and Universities worldwide.  

Requiring no more subject recall than a normal A level paper, the challenge lies in the problem-solving skills the candidates have to use as the questions are designed to foster university-level orders of thinking, which itself translates directly into success in A level papers. 

Given only the very basic outline and clues of a new and complex chemistry problem, candidates have to use logic, deduction and perspicacity to complete the questions. Such skills are invaluable in the world of higher education and employment, so a massive congratulations to all of those who took part!

Bronze certificates awarded to 23 students 

Silver certificates awarded to 6 students

Gold certificates awarded to 2 students

For more information about the UK Chemistry Olympiad competition please click here