02nd May 2023

College of Sanctuary

We are delighted to have been awarded College of Sanctuary status by Sanctuary on Sea after a visit to the college on 29th March 2023. This achievement represents the commitment of our college community to supporting refugees and people seeking asylum and also to to help raise awareness about migration and why people seek safety amongst our students, staff and the wider community. 

The visit noted "the commitment of staff across the college to inclusion is reflected in study support, both in the Additional Learning Support facility, in the joint ESOL/GCSE Maths lessons, and in tutorial outreach providing reading and English conversation support. This commitment is encouraged and reflected in the student body." The inspectors also celebrated that "The College of Sanctuary aims fit well with the perceived ethos of the College and the dedication of the staff. Anti-racism education and training is embedded. College of Sanctuary newsletters are shared in staff meetings. Links are made with local refugee organisations, and support offered to Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children placed in local hotels, and to the charities working with these young people, e.g. the provision of football facilities."

As a college we are proud of raising awareness around the most vulnerable members of society and providing opportunities for learning regardless of circumstance. We also celebrate the diverse voices and identities in our college community and highlight this through events such as Culture Day and the various campaigns and fundraising activities of our Student Union.

"I am so pleased that BHASVIC has been recognised as a College of Sanctuary for the efforts we make to ensure everyone feels welcome and supported whilst they are with us no matter their background of circumstances. This has been the result of years of awareness raising, planning and campaigning all across our community from students to staff, parents/carers and the other organisations throughout Brighton & Hove. We are committed to continuing this work and contributing to Brighton & Hove being a safe space for all."
Alison Cousens Assistant Principal (Director of Student Services)

BHASVIC's ESOL class 2023
BHASVIC's ESOL (English as Second or Other Language) class 2023