18th January 2024

Futures Fair 2024

Each year our Careers and Events teams put in months of work to run a Futures Fair for all BHASVIC students. This event plays a key role in supporting our students with their progression options and this year's was the biggest ever with over 120 organisations attend to offer advice and opportunities. For our first years this was a chance to speak to universities and employers and begin planning for life after college. Our second year students could explore opportunities for making the most of gap years and firm up their plans by taking to the universities or employers they might be joining. We were also pleased to offer a range of talks on topics as diverse as Creative Careers, Degree Apprenticeships, and Working for Brighton & Hove Council. 

Attendance from our students was extremely high and feedback was extremely positive, not just because of all the free bags, pens and more on offer! Thank you to every organisation who attended, and to all our staff, Student Union and student volunteers who made the event such a success.