30th November 2023

Hypatia Society Launch

Monday 6th November saw the launch of our Hypatia Society for this academic year. The society is for female and non-gender-conforming physics students and has recently become a student society led by Blue, Caitlin, Sophie, Poppy and Charlotte.

For the launch event the society welcomed several female STEM visitors - two NHS medical physicists, Rampion engineer, Patent attorney from Dehns and Physicists from the University of Sussex - talking to groups of female/non-GNC first and second year students. There was lots of cake courtesy of Physics teachers Jane and Kishani.

The society is running regular lunchtime meet-ups in room C310 Tuesdays and will also invite speakers in person and on Teams and look at other events and collaborations. The student coordinators have been working on a new logo and poster designs so look out for these. On 21st November three visitors will be joining the society from the patent attorney firm Dehns.