24th May 2024

Medics success

Congratulations to the hard work of our Medical pathway students and the staff supporting them, resulting in 42 students receiving offers to study Medicine after BHASVIC. 68% of students who applied to Medicine received an offer, compared to 10% nationally, representing both the individual commitment and talent of our students, but also the benefit of the additional support we put in place to for students interested in progressing into a medical careers.

Students are provided with information from opening evening to enrolment to ensure that anyone with an interest in Medicine can engage with support from staff, alumni and external speakers as early as possible. Our Medical Society, MedSoc, offers a forum for students to meet, exchange ideas and advice throughout the year, and our second year Medics Tutorial pathway gives specialist advice in making the early applications necessary for Medicine. All the students involved in the Medics groups have put in an enormous amount of work and commitment and should be proud of themselves, it is extremely common for students to be accepted onto Medical degrees at the second or third time of applying so we are confident those without offers will have opportunities to pursue their dreams in the future.