17th March 2023

Model UN Competition Winners

Congratulations to Jo Wilcox and our students who won Best Large Delegation at the Youth Model UN. BHASVIC students won awards in six of the seven committees.

Event Reporter from BHASVIC Ellen Jones: "The weekend began with introductory talks at LSE from experts in diplomacy, Mr John Everard and Counsellor Jose Pachcco, who shared some words of wisdom and advice, before our first committee sessions. Nerves ran high but we threw ourselves into our roles – which ranged from Finland to Iran – and enjoyed fully engaging in debates and negotiations. It’s certainly true that the more you put into MUN, the more you get out of it, and BHASVIC students were exemplary in participating as much as possible and encouraging others to do the same. LSE offered a wide range of committees for delegates with varied levels of experience, including the World Health Organization, African Union, Security Council and a Crisis Committee. Louise Brown, President of BHASVIC’s MUN Society, commented ‘I think the crisis committee I was on was well researched and directed so that all participants felt supported to success. Overall the conference was well set up to network with people who had similar interests and connect with other young people. The speakers were inspiring and well chosen, I felt they reflected the theme of the conference.’

Day 2 featured even more committee sessions, and by now resolutions were being drafted. We enjoyed some exotic sandwiches and a tour of LSE between intense negotiations, chaired by current LSE students who kindly gave up their time to offer other students this incredible experience. We learnt to think on our feet and defend our countries’ positions, as well as having the chance to make new friends and socialise with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, all with a common interest in diplomacy and debate.

Day 3 held our final committee sessions, during which a variety of conclusions came about. UN Women passed an extensive resolution tackling gender-based violence and African Union attempted to overthrow multiple governments – all in the name of peace - whilst the Crisis Committee saw a whole host of assassination attempts on the President of Argentina. Then came the Closing Ceremony, during which BHASVIC was delighted to win Best Large Delegation. Many BHASVIC students also achieved individual awards; Louise Brown, Mia Bailey and Lauren Sayers all achieved Best Diplomat Awards; Dimitri Backwell, Keelan Frost, Gabriela Silveri Alvis and Ellen Jones received Honourable Mentions; William Buckwell and Hallie Finn won Most Improved Delegates. We were very proud to represent our college among so many other schools, including many international schools, and so grateful to our Politics teacher Joanna Wilcox for facilitating our incredible trip.

Ultimately, LSE Youth MUN was a fantastic experience, and we are all looking forward to the next one!"