25th January 2023

Ossie O’Neill selected to represent England Colleges

Ossie O’Neill currently a 2nd year student at BHASVIC has been selected to represent England Colleges to play Football this February against Italy under 17s, Macedonia under 19s plus many other fixtures. He combines his football training with studying at BHASVIC for A levels in Physical Education, Psychology and Economics.

Ossie said: “I have been playing football in the back garden with my father since I was a kid. During some of my school years I lost a bit of drive for playing. I was involved with academies and then rekindled my love of the game just before starting college. The level of coaching at ECFA is different level, so professional, and the coaches have been brilliant with the squad. I feel very much at home.  At times it can be difficult to balance both football training and college work, but BHASVIC is very supportive of my football training and there is help for me to catch up with missed lessons.”

BHASVIC coach Lloyd Hooper remarked: “Ossie is not only an incredibly talented young player but one of the most dedicated players you will meet and his enthusiasm plus energy is contagious in the team. His performances and success are testament to his outstanding attitude and the way he approaches the sport. He is very humble and grounded in the way he approaches the sport and treats those that he plays football with.  It is a pleasure to have him involved in college football. We wish him every success.”

Ossie O’Neill in action

Ossie O’Neill in action

Ossie O’Neill recieves cap