30th March 2022

Royal Society of Chemistry - Olympiad 2022 Round One competition

Congratulations to all 48 BHASVIC chemists who took this gruelling two hour paper on 21st February 2022. It seems a long time since that cold, dark afternoon but the resilience demonstrated in the Exam Hall by those who chose to challenge their chemical problem-solving skills well beyond what a normal A level paper would be like, deserves much respect and admiration. 
Prized by employers and universities alike, the prestigious UK Chemistry Olympiad competition contains questions that are highly deductive and applied in nature, and test candidates’ analytical skills to their absolute maximum, not to mention their ability to keep a cool head under pressure. 

Those who elect to take this paper single themselves out as willing to take on a challenge, which is an attribute that Universities know will help students cope with the rigours of degree-level study, and employers know will enable job candidates to solve problems efficiently in the workplace. Therefore those who participate in challenges such as this are likely to become tomorrow’s sought after candidates in whatever field they choose to enter. 

48 BHASVIC chemists who took this gruelling two hour paper on 21st February 2022

Above: a selection of our intrepid Olympiad candidates on a lovely spring afternoon…
We obtained….
17 Bronze Certificates
14 Silver Certificates
7 Gold certificates

Refer to website for further information for the Royal Society of Chemistry report and national performance.