21st February 2022

Sandile Ndawana former BHASVIC student shortlisted for the WJEC Moving Image Awards

A level Media Studies was very rewarding, with my favourite part being the practical component. My music video coursework, ‘F.E.A.R.’ was meant to illustrate themes of escapism and the growing pressures in society – with the world’s obsession with productivity leaving little time for imagination. By using different camera and editing techniques I was able to create a dream-like illusion of a mind-warping giant walking through the city. My coursework allowed me to develop my ability to produce and direct, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I am currently studying Business Economics at the University of Exeter. After studying at BHASVIC, Media Studies has aided me in understanding marketing techniques and the importance of visual communication – Sandile Ndawana, Exeter.

Sandile Ndawana