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We have notified staff, parents and students of a confirmed case of Covid-19 at BHASVIC. Student and staff safety is of paramount importance to us. We have stringently followed government guidelines and are working closely with the Public Health Team and the college remains open.

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12th August 2020

Student Robotics Competition Winner

Congratulations to BHASVIC student Alex Marshall for winning the Student Robotics Competition with his team ‘JAMDynamics’. Alex set up an independent team of two BHASVIC students – himself and Jason Cheung plus two Hurst College students. Student Robotics is an exciting annual competition challenging people aged 16-18 to assemble a team and build fully autonomous robots. Neither BHASVIC or Hurst ran their own teams so it’s a real credit to Alex to go ahead independently with this competition which is open to schools and independent teams in Europe for 16-18 year olds. https://studentrobotics.org/news/2020-07-25-post-competition/


The competition was originally based on a physical robot with coding which they got quite a long way with, but then changed to a virtual simulated competition once Covid forced plans to change. Alex used CAD to design the robot, 3D printing and laser cutting to fabricate it and python to code it. It was a time consuming but excellent project of relevance to all of Alex’s BHASVIC A level subjects and in particular to his Computer Science project which he is currently developing.