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10th October 2023

World Mental Health Day Tea & Talk Event

In aid of World Mental Health Day 2023 our Wellbeing Ambassadors organised a brilliant Tea & Talk event at the college. The aim of the event was to show the power of connection and talking, with cards full of conversation starters spread all over the social space. Many students had chosen to wear green to show their support of the day and the room was full of chatter and positivity.

To accompany the tea and talking a vast array of cakes and baked treats had been brought in by staff and students and were available in exchange for donations towards the Mental Health Foundation. The event was also used to highlight the work of Brighton & Hove Citizens and Citizens UK in campaigning for improved mental health provision for young people, work which BHASVIC students are directly involved in. 

Wellbeing Ambassador Freya reflected that 'I didn't have the chance to be involved in campaigning for better mental health support at my previous school so am looking forward to being involved in this at BHASVIC. We all have friends who have been affected by negative mental health so it's a really important issue.' Fi, who had led on Brighton & Hove Citizens Mental Health campaigning at their pervious school said 'I'm happy I can carry on this work at BHASVIC and get more people involved.'

Thank you to everyone who helped organise the event and took part.