22nd February 2021

The BAME Leadership Project

The BAME Leadership Project in conjunction with Citizens UK is part of the Brighton BME initiative to create young leaders through the development of leadership skills that will enable them to build the confidence to make a change on issues of race and racism, in light of the spotlight placed on the BLM movement in the year 2020.

We are working with Monique Forbes-Broomes (Citizens UK and University of Sussex), Afsana Salik (Citizens UK) and Deborah Nyaberi (University of Sussex). BAME students at BHASVIC will engage in the 5-6 months programme, developing key leadership skills leading to the effective running of a campaign or campaigns close to their hearts.

Wilhelmenia Etoga Ngono, Guidance Manager  said “As the lead at BHASVIC, I am excited to provide our BAME students, who come from a range of diverse backgrounds, the opportunity to utilise their voices to promote and bring social change by highlighting the challenges and issues facing them”.