06th February 2024

Wellbeing Week

On Monday 5th February we were proud to launch our Wellbeing Week in association with Children's Mental Health Week. This year's theme is 'My Voice Matters.' 

Along with celebrating and raising awareness of Children and Young People's Mental Health we are keen to provide a space for students to drop into that will provide a small break in their day to do something that helps their wellbeing.

Every lunchtime in the Piazza Café for the week there is a games table, a craft table, a positive affirmation tree, knitting, nattering and crochet. Each day will have a different genre of Music playing and on Monday and Friday there will be free hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. There will also be a gratitude box for students to take a moment to write a quick thank-you note to a member of staff who may have really helped them out or offered then support. A selfie frame will also be available - which will be used to continue the Citizens UK campaign for the provision of counsellors in schools and colleges across the country. Your voice really does matter - so pop in and help us with the campaign.

In C311 in Student Services we have 45 minute sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in mindfulness, meditation and therapeutic writing.

And finally on Friday in the Piazza we will also have a visit from Jimmy – our resident Pet’s as Therapy Dog. He will be hanging around just hoping for some treats and fuss.