Summer Term ~ 1st half

Monday 13 May - A1 Progression Exams start   

Exams, Revision Stress and Relaxation Advice   

Sleep Hygiene Tips

A1 Progression Leave commences; timetable begins again for A1 students on Monday 10th June

Monday 20 May - A2 Study leave starts and A2 students finish lessons at BHASVIC

Wednesday 22 May - A1 Progression Exams finish

Friday 24 May - 1st half Summer Term finishes

Monday 27 May 2019 – Friday 31 May 2019

Half-term Holiday

Summer Term ~ 2nd Half

Monday 03 June Staff INSET week: All A1 students on Progression leave

Tuesday 4 June - Progression Day ~ A1 Lessons suspended for the day

Monday 10 June - 2nd half Summer Term begins for A1 students

A1 Students return to timetable

Tuesday 25 June - Moving On Day – A1 Lessons suspended for the day

Wednesday 26 June - Exam boards have set a 'contingency' date to advise that all students must be available to sit an exam on that day in case of a major event. Please do not book a holiday prior to this date.

(If you have any particular questions or concerns about this or any other examination matter, please contact Melissa Gibbon (Exams Officer)

Thursday 27 June - Leavers Event from 12.30 – no E or A block lesson

Friday 28 June - Last day of External Exams

Thursday 4 July - Year 10 Taster Day - A1 Lessons suspended for the day Taster Day 2019 Sign Up

Wednesday 10 July - New Parents Information Evening 1

Friday 12 July - Careers Enrichment Day for A1 students – lessons suspended for the day

Monday 15 July - New Parents Information Evening 2

Tuesday 16 July - Summer term ends for students – lessons end at 15.45

August 2019 - Results Days - Exam Information

Thursday 15 August - AS/A2 Exam Results Released online 08:00 (Post results Student Guidance Starts 09:00)

Thursday 22 August - GCSE Exam Results

Thursday 29 and Friday 30 August - AI Enrolment for students starting September 2019

Monday 2 September 

First half of Autumn Term starts

A2 Enrolment & Short lessons

A1 Students on Study Leave until Welcome Morning (Wednesday 11 September)

Friday 6 September

A2 Student lessons (A2 students return to college on Thursday 12 September)

Wednesday 11 September

A1 Student Welcome Morning - Group 1 - 08:30 - 10:00

A1 Student Welcome Morning - Group 2 - 10:15 - 11:45

Lessons begin for A1 students - 12:30

Thursday 12 September

Lessons begin for A2 students - follow timetable

Help Desk for students starts and runs until Friday 4 October

Please find some useful resources for parents/carers Parent Support Tools and How to Guide