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BHASVIC Coronavirus Page

Please check regularly after 6pm.

This alert will soon be switched off - you will be able to access the page from the link on the top left of your screen (below black bar)

Parents and Carers Calendar 2019-2020 provides parents and carers with actual days students are required to attend college, along with other key events, such as parent and carer information evenings and study leave and exam dates, please also check here: Calendars as some dates may change during the academic year.  Below are highlighted dates for your diary:-

The college site is closed. All learning has moved online. All contact should be via email. BHASVIC Contact Us

Spring Term Ends on Friday 3 April and remote learning begins again at the start of the Summer Term on Monday 20 April.

Please find some useful resources for parents/carers Parent Support Tools and How to Guide