The College will do everything it can to support students’ success in their studies.

The aim is for students to remain on and progress with their courses from the 1st year to the 2nd year of study.

The majority of students will be studying for three A Levels or their equivalent although there will be some cases of students studying for two A Levels or their equivalent. It is not possible to continue into the A2 year at BHASVIC studying for less than 2 A Levels or equivalent.

In cases where a student is at risk of or will not be continuing with one or more of their two-year courses, guidance will be provided from the student’s Personal Tutor, course teachers and other relevant staff.

In some cases it may not be in the student’s best interest to remain on a course in the 2nd year. Such cases might include:

1.The student not enjoying or wishing to continue with the course

2.The student not passing the end of year exams and/ or assessments for the course; which involve:

  • AS Level exams for AS/A2 sujects
  • Interim Exams for linear A Levels
  • Coursework submission and end of year exams for BTECS and CTECS

3.The student experiencing proven extenuating personal circumstances which prohibit them from coping with or being able to complete a course

4.The student not meeting targets outlined in a Red Support Plan

The College’s internal systems for assessing and deciding on progression from into the 2nd year of a course need to be transparent and consistent to ensure that all such students are treated fairly, communicated with and given advice and guidance on alternative options.

Progression criteria

1. AS Levels: minimum grade E

2. BTECs and CTECs: minimum pass

3. Linear A Levels: minimum grade E for internal exams (see further guidance below)

4. Red Support Plans or other significant causes for concern: Meeting College expectations on attitude to learning, homework, attendance, passing assessments and exams.

5. Programme of Study: A full-time programme of study (eg 3 courses and a pathway activity) which includes two A Levels or equivalent courses to continue into the 2nd year (a student cannot continue to study at BHASVIC if they only have one, single course to continue with).

6. Outstanding Debts: Not owe the College any money, books, etc.

7. Attend all lessons in the Summer Term and all College events, including Careers Enrichment and Progression Day.

8. Study: Complete all summer homework.

Further guidance on Linear A Level internal exams

Students will take compulsory internally set exams/ assessments during May in all linear courses. These exams/ assessments will form the basis, along with continuous assessment and coursework, of any predicted grades for UCAS purposes.

Internal exams will be moderated across teams.

Students who do not pass the exam/ assessments (a U grade) will be expected to re-sit a pass/fail exam/ assessment in June and results will be made available as part of exam results released in August.

A student who did not pass an internal exam/ assessments will receive consultation from the teacher, including an outline the condition that they need to pass the re-sit and a clear outline of SMART targets and support to enable them to understand how to pass the year.

Students who are required to re-sit the internal exam/ assessments should carefully prepare for their re-sit. Students who do not pass the examination for a second time have been unable to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge over the A1 year to meet the level of study required in the A2 year for that course and will therefore not be able to continue in the second year of the course.

Support for students who have not met progression criteria to continue with a course at A2

The post exam results service in August will guide students on alternative study programmes, where these are possible.

The College provides a limited range of alternative courses for students to start in September, but the opportunity to gain a full A Level in one year is extremely unlikely.

In such circumstances, students will be supported through the Autumn Term on applications to university and other progression plans – university entry will remain a viable option for students who have not succeeded in one of their three A Level courses.