Amber Anning

Student - Louisiana State University

I finished at BHASVIC in 2019 after taking A-levels in Geography, Psychology and P.E. I remember my first year was really daunting and sometimes a bit lonely. It’s so different to school, and initially, I felt thrown in at the deep end, drowning, not waving; however, I loved my second year, made some great friends and was really happy with my final results. For me, BHASVIC was always hard work as I was balancing studies with my athletics training in London, but it set me up really well for university.

I’m in the USA now studying Mass Communications (major), with a minor in Psychology. I received a full scholarship to Louisiana State University. It’s one of the powerhouses of track and field and I’m able to combine studying for my degree with training in phenomenal facilities and competing. I earned my first Senior GB vest when I was at BHASVIC and I aim to be an Olympian.

All my teachers at BHASVIC were really supportive. Rich Seaman taught me PE. He was brilliant and I realised how much I loved psychology under Pip Tanner.