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Reception is closed until Monday 9 August.

Reception will be open from 9am-3pm every day from Monday 9 August until 8am on Tuesday 31 August inclusive (except for Results Days – 10 & 12 August – when Reception will be open from 8am-3.30pm).

Please do continue to use email as your first form of communication and bear in mind that many of our staff will be on annual leave during this period.

Please continue to check our website for any updates. FAQs with our latest information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found HERE

Daniel Marshall


BHASVIC was a very formative time for me. It provided two years of intellectual awakening, growth, extra-curricular opportunities and a lot of parties! Crucially, at BHASVIC you can take control of your education. I remember spending lunches and free periods in the library, between the high creative energy of the Physics and Art departments which imprinted vibrant memories. I am not sure that I can put my finger on a specific magic ingredient; but it was at BHASVIC that I learnt to approach learning with energy, a sense of exploration and discovery.

I’ve no doubt that BHASVIC (particularly the Art + Physics depts.) set me up to succeed in studying Architecture at Peterhouse, Cambridge, where I graduated with a starred first in 2014. I then completed a Masters of Architecture at M.I.T. in 2019, winning the departmental Imre Halasz prize and Lafarge Holcim Award for sustainable construction. Upon graduation, I was retrained by M.I.T as a teaching fellow. Teaching was a sacred experience, and one day I hope to be able to do more! I’m currently living in New York where I consult on the fabrication, engineering and design of a variety of buildings around the world.