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Natalia Hussein

Researcher and Writer

Hi, I’m Natalia! I’m 23 and currently live in Amsterdam, working as a Junior Research Analyst for a company that gathers data on gender (in)equality in the workplace. I did my A Levels at BHASVIC in 2013-2015, taking History, French, Psychology and Biology. The independence I got at BHASVIC compared to school really helped me to push myself and set me up well for transitioning to a university environment. My main mantra, then and now, is to ask as many questions as possible, about things you don’t understand and things you’re curious about – no one expects you know everything straight away! I studied History at the University of Cambridge (2015-2018), and then took a year to plan my next steps, getting some work experience with charities and as a GCSE/A Level tutor in the meantime. I then did a Masters in Sociology (specialising in social issues and social policy) at the University of Amsterdam (2019-2020), which has led me to where I am now, starting to build a career in research & writing on social injustices. Feel free to reach out (via Neil Commin) if you’d like to chat!